Keller Williams History

The Keller Williams History – As Told by Gary Keller

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I have heard Gary Keller refer to the company that he co founded with Joe Williams in 1983 as the grand experiment. The experiment was to create a real estate company that:– Put Agents First. And didn’t just say they did, but actually created a system that ensured that it was agent-centric in all of it operations. – existed to support the agents.– created a real …

The Secret Behind Keller Williams Red Day The People Involved

The Secret Behind Keller Williams Red Day? The People Involved

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Everyone knows that Keller Williams Realty is the world’s number one Real Estate Company. The company has worked relentlessly since 1983. Since then, it has given a lot of importance to its agents. The company has built a culture, and the agents have become a part of this culture. To uphold its culture of solidarity, KW has been organizing Red day every year. The Red Day …

Keller Williams Business Model

5 Reasons I Prefer the Keller Williams Business Model

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Everyone knows that Keller Williams Realty has become the best real estate company in the world. Agents dream to work under Keller Williams for the benefits it offers for the agents. Today, Keller Williams is a successful company because of the Keller Williams business model focusing on the agents.  The KW business model is preferred by people, especially by the agents because of the interdependent system. …

The Reasons Why I Joined Keller Williams and Remain with Them

The Reasons Why I Joined Keller Williams and Remain with Them

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Keller Williams Realty is the world’s largest real estate company based on the number of agents it currently has. So, why join Keller Williams? The agents working in Keller Williams have the most successful careers in the real estate industry. Many agents dream to work with KW and stay with the company forever for its unique culture.  For me, it was the up to date modern technology, …

keller williams culture

6 Ways KW Culture Shows Up in Agents Lives & Business

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Most of the companies only prioritize the business strategy and financial aspects of the company. The company culture part is often ignored. But it is “culture” that makes sure that all the decisions and company operation strategies are implemented successfully. Keller Williams Realty is a company where they put their company culture above everything else. KW culture is designed to help its associates whenever they require …

5 Examples Where KW Cares has Taken Care of Its Agents

5 Examples Where KW Cares has Taken Care of Its Agents

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Renowned as one of the greatest Real Estate Franchises, Keller Williams has the largest number of agents in the world. Besides their business success KW is also well known for their devotion towards the well being of their agents and community service. Keller Williams cares is a shining example of it.   In 2003, KW cares was kick-started by KW CEO Mo Anderson. KW Cares is a …

KW Desk Fees

Agent Fees at Keller Williams -*- Desk Fees & Monthly Fees

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Desk Fees at Keller Williams Difference: Keller Williams is not structured to make a profit off of the desk fees charged to it’s agents. Desk fees at Keller Williams Realty are Optional. They are NOT REQUIRED. Only a small percentage of agents actually rent a desk inside the office market center, and when they do, they are charged the exact cost that the office bears for …

Why Keller Williams? The 2017 Performance Report will show you why

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Keller Williams is a company BUILT BY AGENTS, FOR AGENTS. Keller Williams is the LARGEST REAL ESTATE FRANCHISE BY AGENT COUNT IN THE WORLD with more than 900 offices and 177,000 associates across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. In 2017, Training magazine named Keller Williams the NO. 1 TRAINING ORGANIZATION ACROSS ALL INDUSTRIES IN THE WORLD. Since 1983, Keller Williams has grown exponentially and continues …

Keller Williams Realty - YourCBL

Keller Williams Outfront Magazine – 1 Shining Moment – The Triple Crown

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Keller Williams Realty has claimed the “triple crown” at the top of the real estate world! We are #1 in agent count, sales volume, and units sold! This achievement has been 35 years in the making, dating back to when Gary Keller launched the company in Austin with just 32 agents. Fast forward 35 years, and Gary Keller’s experiment in a new type of real estate …

Keller Williams Commission Splits CAP

The Keller Williams Commission Splits CAP

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You can see the foundation of the Keller Williams Commission Splits Model with it’s agents spelled out in the core belief system of KW called the WI4C2TS. WIN-WIN or NO Deal. That is the foundation and the heart of the Commission Structure. Compare this to the typical real estate structure where the more that the agent makes / the more they sell = the more they …

Keller Williams Gary Keller Vision Speech

Is now a good time to get into real estate?

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Every Year, Gary Keller presents the state of the real estate market and the future vision of the market place. Last year this presentation was made in front of over 15,000 associates and guest at the annual Keller Williams Realty Family Reunion Meeting. Gary was joined by the co-author of the Bestselling book “The One Thing”, Jay Papasan. The Contents of the Vision Speech presentation are …

Keller Williams Grow Your Profit Share

Keller Williams is Different By Design

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In keeping with the philosophy that agents are partners and stakeholders, Keller Williams created a distinct wealth building platform that rewards associates who contribute to a profitable market center‘s growth by attracting productive associates. In the United States and Canada, we do this through profit share; and across the world, through growth share.

Keller Williams Belief System – WI4C2TS

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At the core of Keller Williams Realty is a conviction that who you are in business with matters. We believe that the company we keep can contribute to our lives in untold ways. To help cement this understanding, we’ve formalized a belief system called the WI4C2TS that guides how we treat each other and how we do business. At Keller Williams Realty, we place such an …


Keller Williams Young Professionals Set the Pace

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Keller Williams has already set the standard for the real estate industry and now, through KW Young Professionals, is setting the industry standard for young associates. The KW Young Professionals Division is preparing the future leaders of Keller Williams to carry forth the company mission while preserving and strengthening the unique company culture. It all began at Family Reunion in 2013 when a group of ambitious …

Keller Williams Training Calendar

Training at Keller Williams – A Typical Monthly Training Calendar

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We wanted to share with you a typical training calendar that can be found in a Keller Williams Market Center. i say typical, and I mean typical for KW. This is not the industry standard. The local Keller Williams office usually have more training then the local REALTOR Boards. A similar schedule is set each and every month and has classes and education for each and …

Keller Williams Outfront Magazine

Online Version of Keller Williams Outfront Magazine – 2016 13.2

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In this 2016 Issue of Keller Williams Outfront Magazine, a number of timely issues are covered and shared with the real estate professionals that are looking to be successful in today’s market. Are you ready to Transform your real estate business? The Career Growth Initiative (CGI) is helping all agents fund lives worth living. An article in the Keller Williams Outfront Magazine will show you the …

Keller Williams Agent Fees

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In trying to figure out whether Keller Williams Realty is the best place for you to start or continue your real estate career, it is imperative to not only ask, ‘What are the Keller Williams agent fees?‘, but more importantly, ‘What do I get for what I pay?’ . If you want to build a successful real estate business in this shifting real estate market, you …

727-304-6124 - Robert Earl


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Who in the world just called me from 727-888-3275??? It was Robert Earl – Career Coach with and Business Coach with Keller Williams Real Estate. Although this number is in St. Pete, Robert Earl works with potential agents and agents and Keller Williams office throughout the country. Robert Earl was either:– Calling to follow up on an inquiry that you placed on so that …

Having Trouble Getting a Job After College?

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Maybe you don’t need a job, you need a CAREER. We have all seen the stories in the Washington Post or Time or Huffington Post – More and More College Grads are having trouble getting a job after college. It may be time for you to approach the problem in a different manner and think outside the box. You graduated from College – now what??? Have …

A Business within a Business

Keller Williams Profit Share – Truly a Gift

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The first time I ever heard about the Keller Williams Realty Profit Share System it was referred to as a scheme by a competitive company that I was interviewing when I was considering moving my license from a regional company in 2003. Looking back, I could see why they were skeptical. At the time, Keller Williams had about 10k associate in all of the United States …

The Twelve Deadly Secrets

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12 Secrets that your broker probably doesn’t want you to know. Agent ignore these facts as their own detriment. Learn more about the Dozen Deadly Secrets… Secret #1 Your real estate career is about you, and your success, not your company’s. A good realtor is the key to the business success. A consumer survey conducted by the National Associations of Realtors® determined that 86% chose a …

The Truth about Keller Williams – WarriorTalk – Dave Jenks

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Dave Jenks is the Founder and Chief Creativity Officer for Free Enterprise Warriors – an organization that was created in 2009 to support and empower courageous, learning-based entrepreneurs. Dave knows a think or two about real estate. Dave has served for over 30 years as a master trainer, business consultant, and executive leader for The Dale Carnegie Institute, Century 21 and Keller Williams Realty International. After …


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WI4C2TS…OUR BELIEF SYSTEM! Our belief system is a critical foundation for the way that we conduct business and treat those that we work with. The Keller Williams® Belief System is the backbone for providing the ultimate in service to our clients and the way that we treat out associates. WI4C2TS Our Belief System in Action… Win-Win. . . or no deal Integrity. . . do the …

Keller Williams Outfront Magazine – Online Edition – 2nd Qtr 2015

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Each Quarter, Keller Williams publishes Outfront Magazine. Each Edition is full of stories from the KW system about agents and offices that are infront of the curve on the company with regards to their Careers, Businesses and Lives. Outfront is focused on the Keller Williams advantage, success strategies among our associates throughout the world, and leading-edge strategies to help associates succeed in their market and grow …

Keller Williams Outfront Magazine – First Quarter 2015

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Outfront Magazine is a publication of Keller Williams and it is produced on a Quarterly Basis. This edition included stories about Keller Williams being the #1 Training Organization – not just in real estate – but all organizations. A profile of the President of Keller Williams – John Davis and the new CEO – Chris Heller. Also Included is an article about Bo Metkiti – Keller …