The Secret Behind Keller Williams Red Day The People Involved

The Secret Behind Keller Williams Red Day? The People Involved

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Everyone knows that Keller Williams Realty is the world’s number one Real Estate Company. The company has worked relentlessly since 1983. Since then, it has given a lot of importance to its agents. The company has built a culture, and the agents have become a part of this culture. To uphold its culture of solidarity, KW has been organizing Red day every year.

The Red Day of Keller Williams is a day of the year when all the agents of the company gather to participate in social welfare. On this day, the agents volunteer to serve their local community. The agents feel a sense of unity, which makes their relationship with the company stronger.    

In this article, I am going to talk about KW red day and why it has become an important part of Keller Williams Realty. I am also going to talk about how the agents or the people of KW participate in various activities on this day and what the day means for the company. 

What is KW Red Day?

KW Red day is like a family gathering for the agents of the company. It was first organized in 2009. Since then, it has become a tradition to arrange KW Red Day on the second Thursday of May every year. The tradition was first introduced by the vice-chairman of the Board Mo Anderson. 

The company makes sure to celebrate the day every year so that they can express their gratitude towards the local people. Agents are instructed to participate in various activities on this day and contribute to changing thousands of lives.   

What Happens on Red Day?

You may see some volunteers wearing red uniforms walking here and there collecting trash from your locality. Or people wearing the same uniforms serving food in local charity shelters. If you try to find out, you will know that they are agents of Keller Williams Realty. Moreover, they do this kind of benevolent act every year.  

So, what is the secret of the KW Red day? What happens on Red Day? Why do the agents commit to serving as a volunteer for one day? What does it say about KW? 

You may ask these questions, and you will be amazed to know the significance of the day for the company, the agents, and the communities. Organizing such events is one of the reasons why KW is different from others. It may seem insignificant, but it is one of the secrets of KW’s success.

There are more than 180,000 associates from 1,000 offices of Keller Williams. On the Red day, agents leave their offices and devote themselves to helping their local community. 

They help to rebuild houses, distribute food, organize blood donation campaigns, help local schools, renovate local parks, and volunteer in public welfare organizations. 

Furthermore, the company works on projects for helping disadvantaged or homeless children of the locality or institutes. The agents spend time with them for a day and solve various problems for them.  

The market center of each local community first finds out the ways they can serve their local community. They create various projects and select groups of agents to work on those projects. These projects can be different based on the needs of the community. 

As there are a great number of agents working under KW, the company decides to use the manpower in favor of the community. Although it is just one day in a year, the day can help the communities in many ways. 

For example, the office is located near a beach. So, if the beach needs cleaning, the agents of that center can beautify the beach on Red Day. Moreover, they can organize blood donation camps for a day and ask people to donate blood. This way, they can give back to the local community where they are doing their business.   

Apart from managing social projects, the market centers of KW also organize different game shows for the agents. The agents are divided into groups and play various sports and games on this day. The agents are given various clues for their acts of kindness for that day. They have to solve the clues and find out what they have to do for the community. 

The Importance of KW Red Day

The main function of this day is to live the culture of Keller Williams Realty. The culture of the company is its MVVBP, which stands for Masson, Vision, Value, Belief, and Perspective. The MVVBP of the company is upheld and demonstrated by the company on Red Day. 

The focus of this day is to Renew, Energize, and Donate. The agents see the day as a part of their mission and vision of the company. One of the missions of the company is to create ‘A legacy worth living’. Giving back to the community and having an active part in developing the society are the parts of the legacy. 

Renew: On the Red day, the company asks all the agents to participate in events in renewing different aspects of their local community. Every year the company agents decide on rebuilding and renovating their communities. This united effort can help a community to restart and change for the better. 

The agents help to renovate local schools, parks, hospitals, and other communal institutions. This way, they not only develop the community but also return something to the people. This is one of the principals of Keller Williams. The KW is always ready to express its gratitude. 

Energize: Actively participating in improving the community morally energizes the agents. KW understands the impact of such things. Allowing their agents to work together in community work they learn the significance and value of teamwork. 

This day also creates a sense of belonging, and the agents can feel they are like a big family. They can realize they are not just a part of a company; they are actually the ones who represent KW.

Because of this day, the agents get closer to the local community and the people. They get to know more about the place around them, the needs of the local people, and their responsibility as members of the community.

Donate: Keller Williams Realty agents jointly spend over 250,000 hours for community service on the KW Red Day. The agents make time from their busy schedule and donate extra hours for the betterment of the local people and community. The company also makes sure to donate to local charities for community development.

According to KW, its values are God, family, and then business. So, it gives the highest importance to serving God. The company organizes various charity programs to help the families of agents who are also part of their community. There are KW Cares and KW Wellness Programs to aid the associates. 

All these charity works by the agents have a positive influence on society. The activities affect both the company and the agents. The activities of the day have a great impact on the agents’ business. Moreover, the company uses this day to reinforce its mission and vision.  


By now, you probably understood what actually happens in kw red day and what the secret behind the activities of the day is. The day is an opportunity for Keller Williams to thank the people who trust them to operate the business in their locality. 

KW understands that without the support of local people, it is impossible to have a successful real estate business.