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6 Ways KW Culture Shows Up in Agents Lives & Business

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Most of the companies only prioritize the business strategy and financial aspects of the company. The company culture part is often ignored. But it is “culture” that makes sure that all the decisions and company operation strategies are implemented successfully. Keller Williams Realty is a company where they put their company culture above everything else.

KW culture is designed to help its associates whenever they require assistance both in their personal and business life. Keller Williams Realty has embedded its core belief system in their culture. 

Through this article, I am going to explain how KW culture shows up in KW associate’s lives and businesses.

6 Ways KW Culture Shows Up in Agents Lives & Business

Keller Williams Realty is a big name in the real estate world. And much of the credit behind the success story of Keller Williams Realty goes to Keller Williams’s culture that has become an integral part of this organization. Down below, I’ve listed 6 ways Keller Williams culture shows up in Keller Williams associates lives and business:

1. Keller Williams Cares

The Keller Williams culture always values its associates. It is designed to ensure that every Keller Williams associate gets all the help they need. With that goal in mind, Keller Williams Cares was first kick started in 2003 by the Keller Williams CEO Mo Anderson.

The Keller Williams Cares is a public charity service supported by all the Keller Williams associates in North America. The purpose of Keller Williams Cares is to assist Keller Williams associates and their families during emergencies, hardships, health issues, and natural disasters like hurricanes, fires, etc.

Whenever Keller Williams associates and their local neighborhood face any hardship, Keller Williams Cares come forward and provide their help. Since the beginning of Keller Williams cares, it has helped 1, 80,000 Keller Williams agents, provided $43 million grants to KW agents and their families during their hardship. Keller Williams Cares is at the heart of the Keller Williams culture.

2. Agent Leadership Council

Keller Williams culture encourages their market center owners, leaders, and associates to grow through both individual freedom and interdependence. Keller Williams market centers are owned by an “Operating Principal (OP)”. The OP recruits a team leader who manages the market center. The OP is also responsible for recruiting additional agents to launch the office.

At Keller Williams, management decisions are not entirely taken by those who are in leadership positions. The core belief of the Keller Williams Culture is their associates are the driving force of the Keller Williams Realty. Therefore, Keller Williams allows their associates to make decisions on how individual market centers operate.

In Keller Williams Culture, associates are stakeholders rather than employees in the Keller Williams Market Center. And by including agents in the decision-making process, Keller Williams Realty has made it possible.

3. Keller Williams Wellness Program

Real estate companies offering their agents health insurance is extremely rare. And Keller Williams is one of these rare companies. Keller Williams Realty encourages their associates to maintain a positive attitude, work-life balance, and holistic physical and mental well-being.

Keller Williams views their associates as family members. And family sticks together through thick and thin and takes care of each other. This is why Keller Williams felt obligated to offer health insurance to all their associates to make sure their lives are healthy ones.

Keller Williams Wellness Programs offers all the Keller Williams agents an amazing opportunity to receive health insurance with guaranteed coverage at an affordable price where the cost of healthcare is continuously rising. 

4. Keller Williams Profit Sharing System

In traditional real estate brokerages, agents share some of their business commissions with their brokerage offices. Some of this money is used to pay the operating costs of the brokerage office and the rest is profit for owners. The owners of these brokerages take all the profit for themselves.

KW culture doesn’t follow this outdated business tradition. In Keller Williams, their agents are their family and family members take care of each other. These agents are responsible for the growth and success of Keller Williams Realty. And to reward their agents, Keller Williams introduced the Keller Williams Profit Share Program.

If a market center is profitable, part of the profit from the market center is shared with the agents through the Keller Williams Profit Share program. This is a way for Keller Williams Realty to thank their associates for their contribution to the growth of the company. In Keller Williams Realty, associates are not working for the company, they are working with the company.

5. RED Day

RED stands for Renew, Energize, and Donate. Keller Williams RED day is one of the traditions that put the appreciation culture of Keller Williams in action. This tradition was started to honor the Vice Chairman of Keller Williams Realty, Mo Anderson.

Every year in May, Keller Williams agents gather to provide community services to their local communities for a single day of their choosing. This is a way for the Keller Williams agents to show their gratitude towards the community they live in

Throughout the RED day, Keller Williams associates provide services like cleaning up neighborhoods, rebuilding homes, giving to local food shelters, arrange blood donation campaigns, feeding the homeless and so much more. These tasks are chosen by agents based on what their local community is lacking.

The RED day has become an integral part of the Keller Williams culture. Through this day, Keller Williams agents provide more than 2, 50,000 hours of community service and help people in need. This day is truly an example of what people can achieve by working together as a team.

6. Charitable Works by Keller Williams

Keller Williams culture is all about helping others. This is why Keller Williams is actively involved in helping communities around the world. They are involved with many local charities across the globe to make the world a better place.

About Keller Williams Culture

The meaning of “Culture” according to Keller Williams Realty is the outcome of the goals of a business that was developed around the positive mentality and core beliefs of that company and trying to achieve these goals on a daily basis. The Keller Williams culture is all about helping Keller Williams associates whenever they are facing hardship in their personal and business life.

The mission of Keller Williams Realty is to help their associates build a successful real estate career. This is why Keller Williams Realty provides its agents with all the necessary tools that they need to make their real estate business profitable.

As mentioned before, the purpose of the Keller Williams culture is to help others. As a Keller Williams associate, agents have access to all the tools, technologies they require to become successful. But the Keller Williams culture encourages agents to help each other, work with each other for the “greater good”.

The Keller Williams culture is built around the belief system of the company that is represented by the acronym “WI4C2TES”. Each letter of this acronym represents a core belief of Keller Williams Realty. These beliefs are embedded in the Keller Williams culture. Keller Williams Realty’s core beliefs mainly consist of these foundations- win-win, customer, integrity, communication, commitment, creativity, trust, teamwork, and success.


KW culture emphasizes Keller Williams associates working together and helping their fellow agents whenever they need help. Much of the credit behind the success story of Keller Williams Realty goes to the culture that the company follows.

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