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In trying to figure out whether Keller Williams Realty is the best place for you to start or continue your real estate career, it is imperative to not only ask, ‘What are the Keller Williams agent fees?‘, but more importantly, ‘What do I get for what I pay?’ . If you want to build a successful real estate business in this shifting real estate market, you should be more concerned about who is going to train, educate and support you, so that you can provide value to your customers and take your real estate business to the highest level…and NET the most money! The good news is, that not only are the agent fees at Keller Williams are some of the lowest in the real estate industry, but our agent career training, education, technology and support IS THE BEST in the real estate industry!

Desk Fees:

At Keller Williams Realty, desk fees are optional…not required. Our unique agent-centric business model was based around a very simple concept: that the real estate agent is the reason they do business, not the real estate company’s brand. Instead of charging mandatory desk fees, we would prefer that our real estate agents have the option to choose where to invest their own money. In the office, unused bullpen cubicles can be used for free as well as the computers in the resource center. The majority of our Keller Williams realtors work from home, and come into the office for the training, education, support, conference rooms and technology. When your real estate business gets to a point where you can justify spending money on a physical desk, then the office space is offered at an actual pass-through cost – it IS NOT a profit center for the KW office to make money off you.
Monthly Fees:

The average Keller Williams agent monthly fees range from about $75-$110/month, based on the economic conditions of the KW market center. For example, if a Keller Williams Realty office is in a higher end market/location, their rent and expenses would be higher, and their agents would spend a little more a month to operate their real estate business out of that office. For this monthly fee, you not only gets access to the real estate industry’s best realtor career training, education & support, but Keller Williams associate’s fees also include Errors & Omisions insurance & access to the real estate industry’s first and only lead to close platform for real estate agents: KW eEDGE(agent website, contact management & marketing).

Also keep in mind, that at Keller Williams Realty, we treat our real estate associates as shareholders. As shareholders in our company, Our real estate agents do not just share in the profits of their office, they are actually the ones who are making the decisions in the office on what new training, support and technology do the agents in that office need to be more productive, and what the office should charge per agent. Keller Williams Realty is the only open book real estate company in the industry, so there are also NO HIDDEN FEES! All associated fees with Keller Williams Realty are fully disclosed to our KWagents from day one. Dollar for dollar we have the best value proposition for agents in Real Estate. It is this unique interdependent real estate model, that has propelled Keller Williams Realty to the top of the real estate industry in less than 30 years!
Agent Transaction Fees:

There are NO mandatory transaction fees at Keller Williams Realty… your real estate business is your real estate business and charging transactions fees are up to individual associates.
Other Agent Costs:

Just like most real estate companies, our Keller Williams agents pay all of their expenses for their real estate business, including, but not limited to: business cards, open house signs, signs riders, name badges, etc. .. KW has negotiated and will continue to negotiate competitive discounted rates with local advertising sources and national vendors, to help our Keller Williams associates maximize their budget.

Remember, often times the cheapest option has the most expensive consequences and 100% of $0 is still $0. While other real estate companies will tell you they will give you stuff for free, they can well afford it from the profits they are making off your production! Just keep in mind that there is a reason that they can provide these items, and YOU are paying for it!! If you are really serious about running a successful real estate business versus looking for a ‘job’ in real estate, you will not find a better real estate company that will provide you with the best real estate agent training, support, technology and culture, so that you can take your real estate business to the highest level, and net the most money. !! Our mission at Keller Williams Realty, is to help our agents have a real estate career worth having, a real estate business worth running and a life worth living!









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