Keller Williams Training Calendar

Training at Keller Williams – A Typical Monthly Training Calendar

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We wanted to share with you a typical training calendar that can be found in a Keller Williams Market Center. i say typical, and I mean typical for KW. This is not the industry standard. The local Keller Williams office usually have more training then the local REALTOR Boards.

A similar schedule is set each and every month and has classes and education for each and every level of agent and production. Whether they are Launching Agents that are newly licensed or just joining from another company and needing to learn how to actually be productive to Growth and Achievement Levels.

Keller Williams Training Calendar

Let’s take a moment to explain what each one of these sessions represents and how it can help your career, business and life.

BOLD: BOLD conditions agents with powerful mindset exercises, language techniques, and lead generation activities. This transformative program increases sales through the relentless pursuit of leads and business-building activities. Discover the transformational results BOLD will have on your life and career. Choose abundance for your life. Last year, BOLD graduates INCREASED their CLOSED TRANSACTIONS by 50% and INCREASED their INCOME by 114%. BOLD is a Multi Week Program presented by a National MAPS BOLD Coach.

Power Up: Imagine getting to sit with your Broker/Team Leader and Top Associates in the Office to Mastermind and get Powered Up before you attack the day. Everyday 8:30-9:00 the associates at this market center get to do just that.

Lead Generation: The Office Environment is gear towards getting the most important activity done every day.

Sales Meeting: One Word Describes this event – ENERGY. Not rah rah for appearance sake, but rather an event geared to inspire, and educate those that choose to attend. In this particular office, they also incorporate on of the biggest Listing Pitch sessions in all of Central Florida, where agents spotlight their latest listings and also show their pressing buyer needs.

Contract Class: Not presented in a dry manner, rather delivered by an experience Millionaire Agent and Broker. Line by Line review of the contract with multiple case study examples. Lots of Interaction with the Instructors and Fellow Students.

Ignite: Keller Williams Ignite is one of the first classes / training programs that KW Associates can take. The program is designed to focus on Leads, Relationships, Income and the Skill Sets required to be a successful real estate agent. For new agents, new to KW, and those who choose to grow their business to capping. Taught in your Market Center by qualified faculty who are also successful business owners. 4 weeks of learning and doing.

Productivity Workshops: Developed with Current Topics going on in the real estate market right now. Some of these sessions are also presented by our Vendor Partners to ensure that the latest and greatest techniques are being learned.

So as you can see, there is nothing typical about the training at a Keller Williams Office. If you would like to know more about our training and how you can take advantage of it, just let us know.