The Twelve Deadly Secrets

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12 Secrets that your broker probably doesn’t want you to know. Agent ignore these facts as their own detriment. Learn more about the Dozen Deadly Secrets…

Secret #1
Your real estate career is about you, and your success, not your company’s.

A good realtor is the key to the business success. A consumer survey conducted by the National Associations of Realtors® determined that 86% chose a real estate firm because of the individual agent. That fact is proven time and time again, every time an agent switches from one brokerage to the next, their clients follow. The clients switch because of a good relationship with their agent. YOU are the reason people want to do business with you, NOT your company. You can build a successful career on that fact alone.

At Keller Williams®, we believe that a successful career in real estate is the result of hard work by a motivated realtor. Your image, professionalism and enthusiasm will drive your sphere of influence. In short, your career is up to you!

Secret #2
Your real estate career success is not democratic.

— This is your career, not a democracy.
— You have some great ideas for building business. But nobody’s going to listen.
— You’ll never build your career when somebody else is running your business.

Keller Williams® is more than a real estate company. Keller Williams® is a realtor success company. And Keller Williams®’ Agent Leadership Council seeks to empower everyone to get involved in the decision-making process of the company.

Secret #3
Successful teamwork can drive your career achievement.

The truth is, most realtors aren’t on a team. They’re in a group, and their careers suffer as a result. Yet unfortunately, few real estate professionals know the difference.

Teamwork is actually a high-level productivity concept that is only understood by like-minded achievers with a desire for everyone to win.

At Keller Williams®, we believe in TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More. More success, more listings, more closings, more earnings, more respect, more fulfillment. We believe that when we work in partnership, we benefit from each other’s success.

Secret #4
It’s your career. As a professional, you have a right to see ‘The Books.’

We believe honesty breeds success. Keller Williams® has paid out millions of dollars in profit sharing to its hard-working associates. The books are open to see. Because we believe that the financial stake will empower our associates to learn more about the business and make suggestions for our improvement.

At Keller Williams®, our associates might not be shareholders, but they are definitely stakeholders!

Secret #5
Your company doesn’t care about your long-term success, or future.

In fact, we’ll bet that nobody from your company has met with you about your long-term financial planning or wealth-building strategies.

Because the company’s success has little to do with your success, long-term.

Keller Williams® cares about your career, and your future. Keller Williams® has, over the past 14 years, built a proven system that enables participating associates to build their income portfolio. The system is proven; it works. However, since nobody else in the real estate industry supports their associates in the same way, one can only assume that they don’t care. Keller Williams® stands alone as the only real estate company that’s serious about helping their associates plan for the future.

Secret #6
A successful real estate agent deserves to share in the company growth.

Building financial wealth for a realtor must be a cooperative enterprise. It requires both the company and the associate to work together for success, in a mutual effort designed to maximize rewards. This is how the Keller Williams® profit-sharing system is designed.

Where’s your company going? Is it as successful as it should be? Because if it isn’t, it’s time to change companies.

Secret #7
You’ve worked hard. You deserve your fair share. But most companies don’t want to give it to you.

Smart realtors know, sooner or later, that they need to address the issue of equitable compensation. It’s not what you pay your company; it’s what you receive for your payment. It’s not what you gross or even spend; it’s what you net. But you can’t grow a business or career by cutting expenses. At some point you’ll have to invest money if you’re going to grow.

At Keller Williams®, you can truly be a ‘100% real estate agent,’ you can actually take home more than the commission you earn. It’s the best career compensation program you can find.

Secret #8
Your company makes your decisions for you.

The fact is, most real estate companies are designed so that their realtors work for the company, really, and are essentially treated as an employee.

Most real estate agents don’t have say in how their company operates. But this isn’t about telling you what you can or can’t do. The issue is that there are company decisions being made daily that could dramatically affect your career! You may not even be aware of these discussions and decisions.

As a successful realtor, we believe you want to be in an independent relationship within a supporting organizational structure. At Keller Williams® Realty, we provide a clear path for you to build your own business career within the company, with substantial income opportunities available to everyone.

Secret #9
It’s your career, but you’re probably building wealth for others.

At Keller Williams®, we put the agent’s career first. Because the company is best served by building the agent’s career first, and putting the agent’s image ahead of the company’s. In this way, we all profit.

Secret #10
Your company’s training may not be designed to bring out your excellence.

The fact is, most realtor training is geared toward mediocrity. Most companies are out of touch with the needs of top aspiring agents. They don’t take the steps necessary to help them compete effectively in today’s market. Most are not keeping pace with what the top mega agents are learning and sharing. And, sadly, most companies are reluctant to invest in the career training of their agents because they have no business opportunity for them. Because of this, they fear they will eventually lose their agents, which they do.

At Keller Williams® , we provide a training and education program unparalleled in the real estate industry. Through Keller Williams® University, you will receive the skills and tools to develop your career and reach your goals—and helping you do that is our goal.

Secret #11
Choose your business partners wisely. Your real estate career depends on it.

In this ultra-competitive business world, a successful realtor must know the answer to one basic question: “Who’s on my side?” Sounds easy to know, doesn’t it. Yet if you don’t look closely, you’ll never know the answer.

In today’s real estate industry, who speaks for the hard-working agents? Where are the “agent’s rights” organizations? Do you belong to a realtors’ union? What this all means is that you’ve got to be your own organization. You’ve got to seek the best opportunities for your career. (Which, by the way, you’re doing right now.) You need a real estate organization with proven systems and models that you can trust for support and resources. You need Keller Williams®.

Further, Keller Williams® believes that in the real estate business, your money is a vote for the direction you want your career to go. The commissions you pay had better be to an organization that cares about your success, as much as they care about theirs. After all, it’s your money. That’s what Keller Williams® believes. That’s the Keller Williams® difference.

Secret #12
Your real estate company doesn’t want you to discover Keller Williams® Realty.

As with all businesses, the real estate business is experiencing massive change. The trends are clear. Successful companies will treat their agents as stakeholders, and give them a say in how the business is run, as well as a decent share of the profits.

Most real estate company owners know about Keller Williams®, its innovative strategies and nationwide growth. Some, perhaps, have discussed changing their company to meet this new competitive force. Yet most have discovered they can’t compete! They’re boxed-in by their old thinking and business decisions. Therefore, they’d prefer you not discover Keller Williams® superior training, consulting, leverage, profit sharing, agent support and overall team environment.

Most people, realtors included, find a time in their lives when their current situation is no longer working for them. They have grown beyond it. It’s time for a change. Time for success, for a career with real growth.


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