Follow Your Money - Watch Your Brokerage

Follow YOUR Money – The Way You Can Tell Brokerages Apart #FYM

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In the famous book and movie “ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN” Woodward and Bernstein were at a dead end. they were trying to follow their leads and could not put the pieces together. They were working hard but they couldn’t figure out why they were not reaching a point of success. Then they came upon an informant. This informant would be come to known as “deep throat” …

Why Keller Williams? The 2017 Performance Report will show you why

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Keller Williams is a company BUILT BY AGENTS, FOR AGENTS. Keller Williams is the LARGEST REAL ESTATE FRANCHISE BY AGENT COUNT IN THE WORLD with more than 900 offices and 177,000 associates across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. In 2017, Training magazine named Keller Williams the NO. 1 TRAINING ORGANIZATION ACROSS ALL INDUSTRIES IN THE WORLD. Since 1983, Keller Williams has grown exponentially and continues …