Keller Williams Young Professionals Set the Pace

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Keller Williams Young Professionals

Keller Williams has already set the standard for the real estate industry and now, through KW Young Professionals, is setting the industry standard for young associates. The KW Young Professionals Division is preparing the future leaders of Keller Williams to carry forth the company mission while preserving and strengthening the unique company culture.

It all began at Family Reunion in 2013 when a group of ambitious young associates got together for a social gathering. A few weeks later the group established a presence on Facebook and quickly gained followers.

Today, they have gone beyond a social media group and are now an official division at Keller Williams.

There has been a trend of people moving into leadership roles at much younger ages and resources and training could help them succeed. KWYP answers the call.

KW Young Professionals cultivates future leaders by developing leading-edge events with an emphasis on sharing innovative techniques, encouraging growth into leadership and supporting key advocacy issues for the industry.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Monthly one-hour live webinars with Keller Williams executives or MAPS coaches
  • Monthly video segments featuring top producing young professionals who are sharing their keys to success
  • A monthly wellness video segment with MAPS Health and Wellness Coach Nina Rowan Heller interviewing a featured young professional on the role wellness plays in peak performance
  • Members-only programming and networking events at Family Reunion featuring Keller Williams executives and top producing young professionals
  • Members-only networking events at Mega Camp
  • International networking and referral opportunities
  • KW Young Professionals t-shirt
  • And a members-only online community

KW Young Professionals (KWYP) is preparing the future leaders of Keller Williams to carry forth the company mission while preserving and strengthening its unique culture.

At Keller Williams, the best ideas come from the field. Associates have inspired such ground-breaking innovations as the real estate industry’s first lead-to-close transaction management suite (eEdge) and its first agent-branded search app.

Keller Williams attracts entrepreneurs – business leaders who are on the front lines of a constantly changing market. They know where the industry is headed. And they know what they need to thrive.

While social media has enhanced connectivity, it hasn’t replaced the value of in-person networking for building businesses and careers. Face-to- interactions allow associates to leverage their connections and seize new opportunities. Real estate, at its core, is a local business. Networking remains key to success.

Keller Williams associates are attracted to KWYP for the opportunity to expand their networks.

KWYP offers a range of activities to enhance networking, including members-only programming and events at Family Reunion and Mega Camp. KWYP is also launching a members-only online community and referral sharing network to facilitate exchanges among members.

Learning from the Best
Every Keller Williams associate under the age of 40 has the opportunity to join KWYP. Members who close $10 million or more a year and have committed to growth through KW MAPS Coaching learning the KW models and systems are also invited to serve on the KWYP Leadership Council. Through surveys and focus groups, Keller Williams associates have made clear what they want: training, networking opportunities and access to great leaders. They want to learn from top performers and master the systems that are going to propel their businesses forward.

Keller Williams Young Professionals is just another way that Keller Williams is focused on building careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.