Keller Williams History

The Keller Williams History – As Told by Gary Keller

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I have heard Gary Keller refer to the company that he co founded with Joe Williams in 1983 as the grand experiment. The experiment was to create a real estate company that:– Put Agents First. And didn’t just say they did, but actually created a system that ensured that it was agent-centric in all of it operations. – existed to support the agents.– created a real …

Keller Williams Real Estate Schools Near Me

Keller Williams Real Estate Schools Near Me

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Everyday we get asked at, “Do you know of a Keller Williams real estate school near me in my area?” Keller Williams has over 800 market centers and another 200 plus business centers in the United States alone, so it is very difficult, if not impossible to keep track of every single office. In some areas and states, it is a conflict of interest for …

Keller Williams Agent Fees

Keller Williams Agent Fees Explained – Monthly Fees and Commission Plans

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Building a career in the real estate industry is no easy task. But if you want to build a career in real estate, Keller William probably is one of the best places to join. In this article I will talk about Keller Williams agent monthly fees and Commission Plans.  Keller Williams is known for one of the most pro-agent splits in the industry which makes them …

Keller Williams Profit Share

Keller Williams Profit Share – Why It Works & How it Helps New Agents?

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In traditional real estate companies, owners are the ones who take most of the profits when agents close a deal. But Keller Williams Realty doesn’t believe in this culture. “To grow as a company, you have to reward those who have contributed”- Keller Williams Realty believes in this motto. This is why they have come up with the Keller Williams Profit Share model. Keller Williams Profit …

Keller Williams Health Insurance part of KW Wellness Plan for Agents

Keller Williams Health Insurance Part of KW Wellness Plan for Agents

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Keller Williams has been the leading franchise in the real estate industry for years now. With their professionalism and careful supervision over their agents, they have successfully built their name and reputation in the market. Just like most professional franchises around the world, Keller Williams also provides health insurance for its employees. The KW wellness program was funded with the sole purpose of looking after their …