5 Examples Where KW Cares has Taken Care of Its Agents

5 Examples Where KW Cares has Taken Care of Its Agents

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Renowned as one of the greatest Real Estate Franchises, Keller Williams has the largest number of agents in the world. Besides their business success KW is also well known for their devotion towards the well being of their agents and community service. Keller Williams cares is a shining example of it.  

In 2003, KW cares was kick-started by KW CEO Mo Anderson. KW Cares is a charity service that aims to assist KW agents and their families during hardships, emergencies, and natural disasters. Starting from Hurricanes to fires, storms, health issues, and aiding

Other charities, KW Cares, have done all they’ve done to help their associates in need.

But this is only scratching the surface. There’s more to the story of the generosity of Keller williams. In the case of KW Cares, the shovel digs way too deep as there are numerous cases where they have successfully been able to save their agents from truly hard times. Thus in this article, I’ll discuss 5 examples where KW cares has taken care of its agents.

What is KW Cares and What is Their Goal?

KW Cares is a certified 501(c) 3 charity service, and they were formed only to provide support exclusively for their agents. KW has always been about maintaining strict “Work-Life-Balance” and they have remained true to their words. KW Wellness Program and KW Cares are strict examples of proper deliverance of their motives. 

However, KW Cares is a stronger example of how Keller Williams strictly follows their moral principles. For years they have cultivated positive values, practices and maintained a strict solid system around work. All agents are treated like family and respected individually.

Based on this strong basis of looking after one another, KW Cares was initiated with this core foundation of beliefs and practices. In times of any hardships faced by KW agents and their local communities, KW Cares promises to jump in action and provide their help. A promise that they have been able to stay true with.

Further in this article, I will discuss some real stories where several KW agents and their local community members were saved in times of hard times by KW cares. Words are just words, but not when they are enforced and ensured in real life through actions.

In several events of Natural Disasters that followed including hurricanes, storms, wildfires, etc. KW Cares has raised funds and in some cases even pulled volunteers into action into a mega relief. Agents suffering from severe health conditions were also aided financially and given moral compensation and time to help them fight battles.

On the other hand, besides their core motive to help their agents, KW Cares has several times donated and financed other charity organizations with similar core motives. All these sound impressive enough but wait till you hear about the in-depth contribution that KW has been able to pull off to save the ones in need.

Down below I’ve listed 5 events in-depth where KW cares have successfully involved themselves to bring out positive outcomes and provided aid. Proving once again how far human helping hands can go if they decide to conjoin and bring out the best for people.

1. Hurricane Harvey

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated many families in the country. The Keller Williams training team converted into a mega-scale relief team consisting of more than 3,000 KW volunteers to help the victims of this disaster. Several displaced and in-need Houstonians request shelter in the KW convention center in Austin.

Coincidentally, the disaster had taken place during the annual 4-day long training event of KW agents who were willing to volunteer in future reliefs. Looks like, their training was in call of aid at the right time when the whole convention designated for a mega camp was converted into a mega relief for hurricane victims.

The week-long international non-profit disaster response camp event transformation to a Mega relief was swift and opened itself up to numerous other charity groups. The week-long campaign soon prioritized the funding of hurricane recovery and victim-aid relief organizations. At least $20 million was aimed to be funded for the victims through KW Cares alone.

Around September 15th, 2017, over 3000 KW associates and their family members from all over the world had volunteered to drywall and clean over 200 homes, and working with local businesses to provide support and fund money.

The Austin Disaster Relief Network, Central Texas Food Bank along with the Salvation Army also joined forces to maximize productivity on the on-going victim aid hunt.

On top of it all, KW Cares had also taken the time to send in a fleet of 18-wheeled trucks filled with relief supplies dedicated to providing ration and essentials for the recovery of both areas affected by Harvey and Florida (Irma disaster). They had taken the time to divide their forces into two relief support for the victims all over the US.

About 700 to 1,000 volunteers had given their word to be working over the Labor Day Weekend to unload the trucks and distribute the necessities. Food, diapers, cleaning equipment, flashlights, and generators, etc were making its way to the hands of those in need, thanks to these brave warriors.

The warehouse in Houston housing all these supplies was only disclosed to KW employees as KW Cares exclusively consisted of KW agents initially at the beginning of the relief. According to a report coming out, later on, KW had confirmed that over 312 of their agents had their property and assets damaged due to the hurricane.

The Smiths were one of the few unfortunate families who fell victim to the hands of Hurricane Harvey. Winona Smith, a real estate agent working for KW who was skeptical to apply for a KW Cares grant due to personal reasons soon gave in need of aid when several insurance companies denied aid for water damage.

With the help of her staff from the KW Cares team, she could learn more about the grant process and her documentation was verified. Very soon, both her family and her mother were given grants to aid them with property repair and restoring their belongings that were denied by their insurance companies. To this day she is thankful for what KW Cares has done for her.

2. Storm in West Virginia

In September 2018, soon after Hurricane Florence made its way towards the coastal shores of North Carolina, the 400 mile-wide-path of destruction wasn’t the only mark it left. Shortly after, a series of storms in West Virginia followed through. Wind and Rain caught up relentlessly leaving with catastrophic flooding through the whole of West Virginia.

Analyzing the current situation beforehand. The concerned Team Leaders of KW went swift into action days before the calamity had taken place. Under the supervision of KW Cares, they managed to suddenly plan a relief rescue to ensure the safety and evacuation of agents residing in the danger area.

Soon after the implementation, KW Cares associates went head to toe to evacuate the associates polled around 200 prior the emergence of the storm, to be educated about the evacuation plans. Even though prioritizing their safety was a major concern, they still made sure to assess any active property damage and cater to the personal needs of their agents.

48 hours before the storm made its way, more than about $70,00 was raised as a form of a pre-storm donation to make the evacuation, lodging, travel, and food expenses to be covered. They made sure no KW agents were forced to stay in the danger area due to a lack of financial support.

With Swift organization, action, and funding, the families were safely evacuated and granted the financial support that they lacked. It was truly remarkable how concerned the whole KW Cares team was and how fast they had it all done.

Daniel Castro, a newly hired agent who was living within the dangerous area of the storm with his 39 weeks pregnant wife was rescued just in time by KW Cares. Learning about his situation and the complexities along with it, he was wired enough money to get himself to live near home in Tennessee.

He was able to welcome his daughter into the world safely thanks to the quick response from KW cares.

Latwanna Singleton is also someone who could thank KW Cares for their quick action into healthily delivering her baby boy during the disaster. She has accessed the grant and is convinced to move out safely to a safer location despite her initial response to stay back at home. The whole process took less than two hours after she had a small conversation about her situation.

Both Daniel and Latwanna thank KW Cares to this day for their quick response in saving their family during hard times. They have pledged to give back help in the same form as they have received from KW cares.

Even after the storms kicked in following the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, a lot of residents in North Carolina were affected. However, KW Cares didn’t give up on the victims who stayed in homes either. They soon raised thousands of dollars through donations and delivered 4 trailer trucks in the storm-ravaged city on September 20, 2018.

Crews helped any affected victims and their families with clean-up, providing supplies, giving fuel, and housing temporary shelter. From meals to daily costs, everything was provided for the victims and there was even a Hurricane Florence disaster relief camp in one of the warehouses donated by KW Cares relief in 306 Old Dairy road of North Carolina.

3. North California WildFires

Almost 86,509 acres of land were scorched through the North California Wildfires in the towns of San Mateo and Santa Cruz. One such KW agent grateful survivor of this calamity was Elaine Della-Santina. She recalls how compassionate and swift KW Cares was in rescuing and evacuating them just in time to avoid the oncoming doom that was upon them.

All agents within the ravaged areas were able to receive money just after a single intake call. The swift wiring of money allowed them to evacuate safely right on time. Although leaving their assets and homes was a task done with heavy heart, KW cares ensured proper housing, essential supplies to be provided for all victims.

Within 6 months, almost 150 grants were given accounting for about $500,000 immediate relief funding throughout Florida, Iowa, California, and any area affected by the disaster. However, the evacuation and quick grants were just part of phase one.

Later, Kathy Neu, the executive director of KW Cares, gave his words that in the following months, thousands of dollars will be granted to the association to help them rebuild their lives.

Della Santina blesses the care and support she has received and sees a bright future ahead as she claims that the impact KW Cares had on her and her associate victims, they look forward to paying back the debt one day.

4. Helping Agents in Times of Hardship and Health Conditions

KW Cares has several records where they have helped a fellow agent and their family when they were suffering from health issues in times of hardships. Some of these are shortly summarized here. Besides providing aid for natural disasters and relief, KW Cares even caters to individual problems that arise unexpectedly within their agents.

Story of Brett Carroll, Texas

Being a parent of a critically ill child, Brett from Austin SW market center was overwhelmed with the harsh realities of life that came with the financial burden of medical bills and insurance.

His baby boy Oliver was diagnosed with Leigh Syndrome a few months after his birth. With his symptoms getting worse, the Carroll family was going through a hard mental toll and financial hardship.

With the help of the grant and immense support provided to him through KW Cares, he was able to move back to his native home in the UK, cut back his medical and living expenses, and fight on for the life of his baby. He is extremely thankful for the chance and plans back to continue his Real Agent career in the UK.

Story of Anna Lewis, California

After being shortly involved in a fatal car accident during a preview of property, she was left with spinal cord injury and a broken back. Bravely facing surgery, she was ready for the physical therapy that followed, knowing very well there was little chance for recovery. Yet, soon she started to recover little by little.

However, she was still not ready enough to get back to work as a single mother of two. This is when the KW Cares team from La Quinta, California decided to jump into action and provide her with fiscal aid till she was able to walk on her own entirely again! She soon became an inspiration in her Market Center once she had rejoined.

Just like these, there are many more stories and incidents where KW Cares have elongated their caring hands and helped bring back their agents and their family on their feet.

5. Lending Hands to Other Charities

KW Cares makes sure that they follow their strong morals and principles. The Charity service prioritizes providing a helping hand for those in need. However, they aren’t only restricted to give support only when it comes to their agents.

KW Cares has tithed to help other charities as well. Which is why they donate about 10% of their tithe annually to selected charities whose core purposes they believe aligns with their own. They are

1. The Ryan’s Well Foundation – A charity that brings clean and safe water to the third world and deprived countries.

2. Homes for our Troops – An organization dedicated to donating homes for war veterans who were deployed right after 9-11.

3. The UT MD Anderson Cancer Center – An organization with the core purpose of running multiple programs that are working together in search of a cure.

In 2014 alone, about $403,663 was donated. Then again in 2016, almost $705,000 was donated to these three tithed charity organizations.


All things considered, there’s no reason to doubt what KW Cares can do and their accomplishments and dedication so far speak for themselves. I hope these 5 Examples where KW Cares has taken care of its agents stand as enough evidence for their authenticity and reliability. Even to this day, KW Cares has been constantly providing support to its agents.

Whether it be for natural disaster relief, health issues, hurricanes, storms, or wildfires, if you are a KW agent, chances are you’re in the luck of being saved if things go right. Thousands of families are grateful to KW Cares so far and more are to be followed as this organization continues to go and keep on doing their right deeds. 

Thanks for reading this article till the end. I hope it helped to shed some light on the generosity of such a fine company. This sort of pro-agent behavior is truly exclusive to Keller Williams. So, I am proud to spread the good word. Wishing you good health. Farewell.