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What is Keller Williams BOLD and Why Should I Take the Class?

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I recently posted on Facebook that I was attending Keller Williams BOLD for the fifteenth time, I had a couple of comments asking me, “What is Keller Williams BOLD and why are you taking the class?” That is a great question.

BOLD is a coaching and training program offered by Keller Williams that teaches the agents powerful scripts, advanced business and time management strategies, language techniques, and mindset exercises to adapt to the market shift. The curriculum provides an agent with all the things they need to build a successful real estate career.

This focus on training and results makes KW BOLD one of the most powerful real estate programs for agents and is the main reason I have taken the course multiple time.

BOLD is an acronym stands for Business Objective, a Life by Design.

To become a successful real estate agent, one must know about the real estate market from top to bottom. This allows the agent to analyze the market, increase conversion rates, and helps with lead generation. To keep the agents up to date, there are many real estate coaching programs available. Keller Williams BOLD is one of them.

In this article, I am going to talk about the Keller Williams BOLD training program and why should you join the class.

There are different versions of Keller Williams BOLD

KW BOLD is a training program for the agents in the real estate industry. This training program focuses on developing the mindset of the agents and adapting with the changing real estate industry, learning new and powerful scripts so that agents know exactly what he/she needs to say in any situation, useful business strategies, and lead generation to become a successful agent.

In the Keller Williams BOLD training program, the trainees will undergo three different types of training. Which are:

BOLD Leader:

This training is focused on making the trainees world-class leaders and strengthens their skills and abilities. This allows the trainees to unleash their full potential and increase their chances to become successful.

BOLD Experience:

This training is designed to change the mindset of the real estate agents and overcome their limitations. In this training, the trainees will learn how to effectively use time blocking and other time-saving strategies and learn new scripts that will come in handy for the agents in many situations.

Another thing that is taught in this training is live lead generation. Without generating leads, all the skill set of real estate agents is completely useless. The trainees will learn advanced strategies of lead generation and real estate business building.

BOLD Technology:

This training program teaches trainees how to generate leads in online platforms and social media. This training program focuses on teaching agents about online marketing strategies.

The Keller Williams BOLD training program offers all the knowledge and skill set that a real estate agent needs to climb the ranks in the real estate world. The world is becoming digital day by day. The main advantage of this is that all the things are available online. All you need is a computer or a mobile device and an internet connection.

The same goes for the real estate industry. To cope up with the ongoing shift of the real estate market, agents require proper training. But physical classes can only train a small number of individuals. This is why real estate agents were asking for virtual real estate training more than ever.

Therefore, the Keller William BOLD training program was upgraded to “BOLD Pivot”, an online real estate training program. And since the launch of BOLD Pivot, more than 40,000 real estate agents have joined this training program from all around the world. 

BOLD Pivot explained:

Building a strong relationship with the client is extremely important in this industry. Agents should work with their database, categorize the contacts, and identify who their best clients are, check the database daily, and make plans about how they can build the business. This is the way to become successful in the real estate world.

A real estate agent must know everything about the real estate industry. To do that, agents must study the market statistics daily. Reviewing the daily market stats will allow agents to predict when a shift is coming in the real estate industry.

Keller Williams BOLD Pivot is a complete online training program that teaches you all the necessary things that you need to survive in the real estate world. The first thing that this course offers the agents is changing the mindset of the agents to overcome their limitations, to make them believe no matter how bad the situation is, you have the strength to overcome it.

The other thing that this training offers is how to improve the relationship with clients. How to keep the clients engaged, and influence them with powerful and new scripts that the agents will learn through the BOLD Pivot training. This course helps agents to cope with the shifting market and get through tough times.

BOLD and the updated version, BOLD Pivot

BOLD Pivot is the updated version of the previous Keller Williams BOLD training program where the BOLD Pivot is completely online. The BOLD Pivot training course is developed based on the previous BOLD training course. However, the BOLD Pivot course provides all the latest materials and new scripts that will make sure that you are ready to confront today’s market.

As mentioned before, the Keller Williams BOLD Pivot is a completely virtual training program. All the materials for this training program are available online.

The course duration is four weeks. Two hours of class, two days per week. The classes will be taught by expert BOLD training coaches and you can live-stream the classes from anywhere. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and an internet connection.

The Four BOLD Pivot Principles

The principles of the BOLD Pivot training programs are-

  • Be Safe and Strong

This course teaches you all the things about the real estate market from top to bottom. So, no matter how challenging the times are in your business, you will be ready to tackle the challenge head-on. This course also helps an agent to strengthen his real estate business skill and bring out his/her full potential.

  • Be Lean and Leveraged

This course prepares a real estate agent to overcome any sort of challenge that he or she might face. The thing that you will learn from this course will help you to become successful in your real estate career.

  • Be Digital and Connected

As the world is advancing, everything I snow becoming digital. BOLD Pivot’s online program will allow you to get accustomed to the digital world. Stay connected with other real estate agents through the BOLD Pivot’s social media group. 

  • Be Creative and Competitive

The course is designed in such a way to bring out one’s full potential, creativity, and build up a competitive mindset to become the best in the industry.

Why take Keller Williams BOLD classes?

With every change in the world creates an opening. One must be ready to take advantage of it. KW BOLD prepares you to take any challenge in the real estate world head-on. 

Make the Mental Shifts

With the shift in the real estate industry, a shift in mindset is also necessary to survive in the real estate business. One needs to make up their mind to keep going no matter how harsh the situation is and set up his/her business for future success.

BOLD Pivot teaches exactly how and when an agent needs to make their mental shift to keep their business afloat and be successful in the future.

Take the Right Actions

The BOLD Pivot teaches the agents all the business strategies, lead generation strategies, time management strategies, and new scripts. All these things help an agent to make the right decision in their business and carry out actions accordingly.


Keller Williams BOLD provides all the things that an agent needs to climb the ladder of success of the real estate world. This training program prepares the agents to face the real estate market head-on and overcome any challenge that they might face. 

After reading the entire article, you must’ve understood why, as a real estate agent, you need to join the KW BOLD program. Join now and take a step towards a successful real estate career.