Keller Williams Health Insurance part of KW Wellness Plan for Agents

Keller Williams Health Insurance Part of KW Wellness Plan for Agents

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Keller Williams has been the leading franchise in the real estate industry for years now. With their professionalism and careful supervision over their agents, they have successfully built their name and reputation in the market. Just like most professional franchises around the world, Keller Williams also provides health insurance for its employees.

The KW wellness program was funded with the sole purpose of looking after their real estate agents in terms of health. In collaboration with Stride Health, KW provides top-notch benefits in their health insurance plans for their agents. The insurance services are affordable, devoted, and aimed at the well-being of the agents’ emotional and physical well-being.

However, as always there’s always more than meets the eye. To know more about what the Keller Williams Health Insurance plan has in store for their agents, be sure to read this article till the end!

What is the Keller Williams Wellness Program?

The Keller Williams Wellness Program is the official name of health insurance facilities that KW provides for all its agents. The core goal of Keller Williams is to satisfy their customers with the best real estate agents out there. In order, to achieve such a task, they also make sure all their agents are healthy and are always on their top game both mentally and physically.

Just for the sole task of encouraging and ensuring a healthy lifestyle for their agents, the KW Wellness program came to play. Health insurances are taken seriously by people for all the savings and benefits it has to offer. This is why a specific program designed towards a specific group of agents from a specific realty franchise is so special.

Unlike many other health insurance plans, the KW wellness program is exclusively focused on providing the best possible premium insurance experience for their clients. After all, KW aims to provide the best of the best real estate agents to clients.

Who Runs the KW Wellness Program?

Although it is funded by Keller Williams Realty, this program is run by a number of very dedicated and enthusiastic wellness ambassadors. Wellness Ambassadors are a few individuals who excel in planning and implementing initiatives at the center of the insurance market for their agents.

Their core goal is to focus on taking care of the holistic health of all their agents, including their families. Each Market Center has its own Wellness Ambassador.

In easy words, looking at health ‘holistically’ means every aspect in terms of physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, social are covered. As ambassadors of the wellness program, the responsibilities are limitless.

Only selective individuals are appointed as a wellness ambassador from a specific Keller William Real Estate Team. Any agent can vote and encourage a member of their team that they think would fit best as an ambassador of the program.

All they have to do is fill out an application and seek out to gather intel on the most recent available information on the market.

As a KW wellness Ambassador you will be responsible for hosting, marketing, planning, and participating in an annual wellness day event. You will also offer numerous wellness challenges throughout each year for your agents.

Any issues or problems faced by wellness ambassadors are overseen by the Wellness Committee. The wellness committee is formed entirely to support individual wellness ambassadors. They do this by giving feedback on programs, helping you plan programs, and ensuring your team members participate in the wellness events you organize.

There’s always going to be a team of supervisors who will help achieve the best results in terms of health for their agents.

How do I become a Wellness Agent?

Only very few determined and admirable individuals are chosen to become a Wellness Ambassador in a specific market center. You have to earn certain “Be Well” points through attending various meetings and call sessions hosted by your local wellness ambassador. Once you’ve done enough you too will be able to help shape and promote various wellness projects.

To apply for the Wellness Programs, these are the following requirements:

1. You either need to be a current or a past member of ALC.

2. You will need to have a work record under Keller Williams for at least a year or more.

3. You will need to have the approval of the Team Leader of your Market Center.

4. You will need to have records of attending Family Reunion and Mega Camps each year.

Certain benefits come with being a Wellness Ambassador. The following benefits includes:

Be able to have the status of an ambassador: When it comes to anything related to health and wellness, you will be the chosen person to fulfill your role in the marketplace. Any events, initiatives, or challenges held by you will have your name on them.

Be a part of the special Wellness Ambassador Calls: You will constantly be guided, provided resources, and receive tips on how to improve your active role in your marketplace.

Be part of a Healthy Community: You will become an exclusive member of an ambassador-only Facebook group. This will allow you to partake in lively discussions and share health related issues with other ambassadors. 

Be able to earn recognition: Any huge contribution or successful initiative will earn you a spot as a wellness mentor, guest panelist, or presenter. All dedicated ambassadors are rewarded for their efforts and creativity whenever possible.

Be able to grow your Network: Connecting with your local business, vendors, and colleagues is going to be way easier once you become a wellness ambassador. This way your network activity can ensure the growth of your own business.

Be able to achieve your own health goals: Without a doubt will you become more focused on your health once you become a wellness ambassador. This opportunity will bring you closer to a healthier lifestyle and far better work-life balance.

The Benefits of the Wellness Program, Powered by Stride

We talked previously about how being an ambassador of the wellness program helps you. Now let’s talk about what the program has in store for its clients. In collaboration with Stride Health, Keller Williams will get you the best options for insurance plans.

The list of benefits in their plans includes:

Health – Have your very own ACA health plan recommendation at a lower price with a year-long customer support.

Dental– Be able to utilize your plans the very first month after enrolling, with regular check-ups and cleanings rated at 100%. Gain coverage to almost 300,000 dental locations worldwide. 

Vision– Almost 84,000 vision specialists will be accessible through Strides health plans. You will be able to check up for your eyesight after the very first month of enrollment. You will also be compensated about $120 each year for glasses and contacts.

Tax– Avoid Tax penalties for not having any insurance through KW wellness Program as they meet ACA requirements.

Family– Without having to pay extra, you can also include your own family in your health insurance plans as a KW agent. No extra fees or brokers are compensated, with flexible coverage.

Expense Tracking– Be able to track your expenses, file your documents with convenience, and be able to save your money through deductions.


All things considered, if you’re a KW agent, you should opt for applying for the wellness program, as it comes with several benefits and coverage. Even being a Wellness ambassador has its perks.

Well, seems like that covers all the aspects of Keller Williams’s health insurance plans. Thanks for giving this article a read and I wish you all the best!