Keller Williams Luxury Division - Set Yourself Apart from other Agents

Keller Williams Luxury Division – Set Yourself Apart from other Agents

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As of now, there are over 940 offices worldwide and about 180,000 agent with Keller Williams Realty.  In my experience, and without a single doubt, it can be stated that Keller Williams is the best there is when it comes to the world of Real Estate.   A select few agents make the decision to take their careers to the next level by focusing their real estate practice towards working with the high end properties and the clients that own and purchase them.  They do so by joining the Keller Williams Luxury Division. 

The Keller Williams Luxury Division is entirely focused on bringing the best results to the highest level of clientele and their luxury properties. This elite group of agents brings to the resources of the largest real estate company in North America, coupled with the experience of the best of the best agents.  Keller Williams Luxury Agents are entitled to not just special benefits, but they also have connections to an international networks of professionals focused on the Luxury Market

If you want to pursue and take your real estate career up a notch, Keller Williams Luxury is where your answer lies. However, getting in is not as easy as you might think. To know more about the KW luxury division and how to qualify for it, be sure to read this article till the end.

Why the Keller Williams Luxury Division?

If you are already a Real Estate Agent, you might be aware of the fact that, in this industry, you are on your own in the long run. You will always strive to stand out. Thus, this is where Keller Williams Luxury Division kicks in. Once, you’re in, you will no longer have to loiter, or work excruciating hours looking for leads to show up or feel unsatisfied even after the end of contract closure.

In the Keller Williams Luxury Division, you will work with the best of the best there is. Your competition will be way constricted and leads will be far easier to catch. Quality over quantity is their motto and that’s why only the best 5% of the local regular Real Estate agents get the chance to join in this prestigious group. 

Even so then, you still might be curious about what’s exactly in it for you, so without further ado I’ll just jump into the several membership benefits that come along when working in this division.

Membership Benefits of Working as a Luxury Division Agent

As previously mentioned, you will be entitled to several more benefits than average Real estate agents, and benefits range in various aspects than you could think. Usual benefits like paid vacation leaves, remote working, high salary, etc. are the quietest common and aren’t the main catch of working in this division. 

What makes you stand out for being a member of the KW luxury division agent is the following –

Client and Network opportunities

You will be first and foremost to be entitled to much more exclusive branded market opportunities in the Real Estate industries. On top of that, you will have a much better reach and chance to build trusteeship around your clients. 

You will have a vast network of referrals from other professional international consultants. The connections you make will grow into a stronger network that will help you gain access to strong market resources and improve your expertise in the field beyond measure.

Honestly, the title of you being a Keller Williams Luxury Division Agent will have the most enthusiastic buyers or sellers running after you. You will raise the bar for your service more than ever and will be able to find the best possible homes for your clients with ease. You will even get to discuss with top agents in the field in meeting panels and have an annual luxury retreat to consult with quality speakers.

Technical Assistance

You will have access to cutting-edge technology to help improve your productivity in the market and make you more efficient in dealing with clients. Whether it’s a buyer or seller, connecting them to make ends meet will no longer be a hassle. Closings and opening of Transactions both as a buyer or seller agent have never been any easier than this!

You will have access to your very own custom made website fully packed with advanced search opportunities for property and your luxury listings in the market. You will even get to customize the search option you will receive based on desired geographical locations of your will.

Marketing Benefits

Alright so, how about this, you get to be part of the Keller Williams Luxury Homes International Magazine which will help distribute your expertise and progress in the field to an affluent client base on an international scale. Sounds cool right? 

Yep, that’s just one of the core ways for you to exclusively and professionally design your brand with the best position marketing materials in the industry. You will have access to the ever-famous lead generation library. Oh also add top-notch press release templates on your bag if you ever plan on writing a press release.

Training and Vendor programs

Even when you are in the big leagues, you still will have to stand out and constantly challenge yourself to strive and do better to maximize your proficiency as a luxury real estate agent. 

You will be subjected to a professional orientation webinar as soon as you become an accepted new member of the division. You will later have to consult with agent masterminds and go through several training webinars.

You will have the opportunity to get an additional one-year-long membership in partnering with the Institute for Luxury Homes Marketing. Not to mention the number of discounts and promotions from several corporations on business gifts.

Qualifications for Becoming a KW Luxury Agent

All good things come with a price, and so does being a member of the KW Luxury division.

Before I move onto the more obvious work, experience, etc. related qualifications. 

I want to take my time in letting you know about the characteristic set of personal qualities you must have to both be qualified and excel in the field once you’re in! Dedication and hard work always have their place in KW as always.

Keller Williams has a strict hold on having vision, perspective, mission, and vision. And being a KW luxury agent doesn’t make it any less different. You will always have to focus on building trust and work with honesty with clients, putting their needs first to maintain the company’s reputation. You will be expected to do the right thing at the expense of keeping integrity alive.

You will have to be committed with your clients and vouch for the best possible deal for them. You will have to be an avid communicator who radiates a positive aura with clients and be intimidating enough to project ideas and achieve success. Your creativity needs to work alongside your team members and your vision lies in representing KW as the company of choice in terms of service, productivity, and profitability.

If you are already a Real Estate agent, time management, organizational, and communication skills are already expected of you from, however, in the luxury division, you will have to outdo yourself in all aspects.

These are going to be the basic qualifications that are to be met if you expect to apply for being a KW luxury agent.

  • Must have a price point of over $500,000 and be among the top 5% of the local real estate market.
  • Must have at least one closing annually on a luxury property as an agent and do business within the top 10% of their local market.
  • Must have finished the course in luxury home marketing through the institute of Luxury home marketing.
  • Must have a pre-owned Real Estate License
  • Must have a minimum of 2 years-experience in marketing, sales, and Real Estate Industry
  • Must be a high-school graduate and college diploma preferable.


All things considered, being a luxury division agent in Keller Williams luxury division can be a challenge. But at the end of the day, it’s all going to be worth it. Thus, you should have all the prior knowledge by now that you have read all about the qualifications and membership benefits that come with it after reading this article.

 Are you ready to get started?  Click the Apply Now button on this page and we will get you the step by step guide to starting or taking your real estate career to the next level.