KW Command - The Technology Advantage for Keller Williams Agents

KW Command – The Technology Advantage for Keller Williams Agents

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The use of different technologies like CRMs is common in the real estate industry. Almost every real estate agent and broker use some sort of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software today. Keller Williams Command is one of these CRMs in the real estate industry.

Keller Williams Command is a CRM software developed by the Keller Williams Lab for the Keller Williams associates that provides all the tools and features to handle all the real estate business process from lead to close. And the best part is that every Keller Williams agent can access this CRM without any additional cost.

In this article, I am going to briefly explain about Keller Williams Command and the advantage it gives to Keller Williams agents.

What is Keller Williams Command?

Keller Williams Command is one of the most important factors that has made Keller Williams into one of the most advanced technology companies in the world of real estate. Keller Williams Command is a revolutionary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that provides a real estate agent full control of his or her agent data.

Keller Williams Command is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) that comes with lots of tools and applications that can help a real estate agent from generating leads, listing, contact management, managing everyday business tasks to closing a deal. With the Keller Williams Command, you can do it all.

Keller Williams Command is unlike any other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Keller Williams Command is a CRM that can handle all your business processes. So, agents can focus on personal interaction with the clients and develop their real estate business.

One of the most advanced features of Keller Williams CRM is its intuitive AI (Artificial Intelligence) virtual assistant “Kelle”. This AI can help agents with their tasks and save their money and time.

The Keller Williams Command is developed by the Keller Williams in-house technology experts and top Keller Williams real estate agents all around the globe. Using their expertise and experience in the real estate industry, they have a complete CRM that is the best in its class. They are also continuously tweaking and developing new features to provide the best possible user experience.

With the Keller Williams Command, agents can run their business with ease. With Keller Williams Command CRM, agents can do lots of things that other CRMs do not offer.

  • Contact Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Listings Management
  • Workflow & Task Automation
  • Real Estate Education & Training
  • Pipeline Management
  • Personalized Marketing 
  • Personalized Email Strategy
  • Customize the Transaction process
  • Collaboration with other KW associates
  • Automated Referrals Management 

Keller Williams Command Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a combination of different applications and tools that are developed to manage different real estate business tasks. Here are some applications that are integrated into the Keller Williams Command CRM software ecosystem.

Contact Management:

For a real estate agent, it is very important to categorize contacts and leads. Leads are the people about whom an agent has very limited contact information. In this case, communication is offer-based, one way, and focused on identifying what they want.

On the other hand, contacts are people that an agent has explicit authorization to have an ongoing connection with. In this case, communication is focused on starting a business relationship with the client and getting a response.

One of the challenging tasks for a real estate agent is to keep track of his or her leads and contacts. Here is where Keller Williams Command Contacts excels. KW Command Contacts allows you to keep track of all your contacts and leads and organize them according to your preference.

Keller Williams Contact syncs all the leads and contacts across all the applications within Keller Williams Cloud making it easy for agents to access their database.  Not only that, but KW Command Contact can also sync these leads and contacts to popular and widely used applications like Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office Suite making it seamless to access them for an agent.

You can create, edit, import leads, and contacts in the KW Command Contact application. This application also supports different software integration through PieSync. Through PieSync, other popular applications in the real estate industry like Salesforce, Boomtown can be integrated into the Keller Williams Command Contact.


“Opportunities” is another application in the Keller Williams Command CRM ecosystem. This application tracks an agent’s real estate transaction process starting from lead generation to closing the deal. Lead generation, making offers to clients, managing documents, communicate with potential clients- agents can do it all from this application.

Keller Williams Command Opportunities application allows the agents to customize their real estate transaction process. For that, the application divides the real estate transaction into five different categories- Cultivate, Active, Under Contract, Appointment, and Closed. 

Each of these categories is divided into several subcategories. This allows the agent to customize the transaction process according to an agent’s preference. 

When an agent creates an opportunity, a single record is what tracks everything related to the real estate transaction. Agents can drag and drop the record to their customized transaction categories as the transaction progresses.

Opportunities also give agents a deeper understanding of their current business and their pipeline and to get a hint on future business opportunities. Agents can see their listings, leases, contracts, appointments, and closed deals in real-time. Agents can even customize the reports on the Opportunities application so that agents can understand exactly what to do to achieve their goals.

To make the real estate documentation process much easier and as part of adding new features to Keller Williams Command, DocuSign, an industry leader in the digital signature service has been invited to join Keller Williams Command. This will help the agents to reduce the effort in the real state form preparation for different agreements and more.

SmartViews and SmartPlans:

SamrtViews and SmartPlans are designed by real estate agents, for real estate agents. The goal of SmartView and SmartPlans are to focus on the customer experience and at the same time, ensure seamless integration with the Keller Williams Command CRM software ecosystem.

Planning work and reporting is a critical part of the real estate business. SmartViews is an application through which an agent can search for customers through different search criteria that are set by the agent. For example, agents can look for customers with their birth date, or customers in a particular neighborhood, or customers who didn’t respond to their emails, etc.

SmartPlans are actions selected for these search results like make a call or, send a text message, etc. With “SmartPlans” agents can automatically perform functions like marketing, drip campaigns, including checklists, etc. There are pre-built plans that can be found in the SmartPlans library. This saves time for the agent and gets work done quickly. 

SmartPlans also allows customization to their pre-built plans according to the agent’s needs. SmartPlans allows agents to rename and change descriptions that are best fit to the agent’s work, insert custom scripts to make messages more engaging. Agents can also include a reference tag that captures details from a contact’s profile and makes messages more personal. The edited messages will automatically update to every lead and contact on the agent’s database. 

Agents can also create their own SmartPlans with decision trees. This allows the SmartPlans app to automate the agent’s marketing plan based on the criteria that are set by the agent.  Agents can also set delays, make tasks to perform by the app, change the SmartPlans conditions, and start a new one when the first one is completed or repeat the SmartPlans.

One of the features of SmartPlans is the ability for agents to share their SmartPlans with others. Many agents share their SmartPlans for free. But agents, teams, coaches can also sell their SmartPlans in the Keller Williams app store 

The user interface of SmartPlans and SmartViews is very simple and straightforward. The AI “Kelle” is integrated with the Keller Williams Command CRM. As a result, many SmartPlans and SmartViews functions can be performed through Kelle. This makes things easier for agents to use these applications.

Keller Williams MarketPlace:

One of the features of a great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is its ability to integrate with third-party applications that an agent can use through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Keller Williams Command also supports integration to several third-party developed software.

“Keller Williams MarketPlace” is an app store where developers can sell their applications that work with Keller Williams Command CRM. Not only add-on applications. Agents can also sell their SmartPlans in the app store. 


Design is an application in the Keller Williams CRM that allows an agent to create using pre-built templates designed by the professionals for web (profile banners, social media graphics, email signatures) or printing (buyer’s guide, door hangers, postcards, listing presentations, brochures, etc.).

The Design library has more than 1400 templates designed by professionals for all your needs. You can directly use the templates for use or you can use your inner artist to customize them according to your taste. All the templates are fully customizable. Just a few clicks here and there and anyone can create a professional level graphics material for use.

No need for prior design and computer graphics experience. Once agents are done with their design, the file can be used within the Keller Williams Command CRM ecosystem or it can be saved in different file types so that it can be used on other applications.

In addition to offering a visually stunning marketing material, this application allows agents to personalize by branding them specifically to their business. You can simply drag, drop, and click your customized templates in the Keller Williams Command email editor. It is as simple as it gets.

Pre-built and customized marketing materials can also be integrated into the SmartPlans. The Keller Williams CRM applications are developed in such a way that all of them work with one another. So, Designs application can easily pull in neighborhood marketing data to populate the marketing materials. Designs application has completely eradicated the need for costly marketing materials services.  

Lead Accelerator:

Lead generation is extremely important for agents to grow their business and become successful in the real estate industry. This application is developed to create marketing campaigns for Farming postcards, social media, and Google Ads to accelerate lead generation. 

Through this application, agents can create digital ads for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google Ads. This application is easy, simple and the intuitive user interface allows anyone to create ads without any prior experience. Agents can also set their goals like attract talent, advertise listings, or Attract listings for each ad.


This application in the Keller Williams Command CRM enables agents to stay connected with their team, or other Keller Williams agents through the groups that are similar to Facebook Groups. Agents can chat with other agents, share their resources and files, create, and join groups here.

Kelle the AI Assistant:

Kelle is the first AI that is developed specifically for the real estate industry and real estate business. This AI manages agent databases, track business goals, find any real estate info quickly, check the agent’s schedule, and much more. The capabilities of this artificial intelligence are growing day by day. 

Other features of Keller Williams Command:

Keller Williams Command CRM’s Artificial Intelligence Kelle can tell an agent about how good his or her contact database is, reports database activity scores, and allows agents or team to compare their database health score with other agents, or against teams.

Keller Williams Command CRM has a complete referral management system that provides agents automatic referral commission tracking and allows them to search for referral agents and more.

Keller Williams Command CRM also has an advanced Offer Management solution. Agents can enter and offer, edit the information, negotiate, and finally decide whether to accept or reject the offer. Upon accepting an offer, the data will be automatically filled.

Keller Williams Command CRM also has listing management, full NetSheet integration, and syndication management.

The Technology Advantage for Keller Williams Agents

Keller Williams spent lots of money and resources to develop technologies for agents and brokers who operate independently and are associates of Keller Williams Realty. For that reason, Keller Williams Lab was established. The goal of the KW lab is to experiment, research, and develop state of the art technologies in the real estate industry for Keller Williams agents. 

As a result, Keller Williams Command was first introduced in February 2019. Keller Williams Command is a full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software developed by the Keller Williams Lab to give the full control of real estate agents’ databases in their hands.

Keller Williams Command is unlike any other CRM.  It not only provides a complete business solution but also offers solutions to some of the real estate world’s most recognized problems.

The first problem is the cost of the CRM technology which makes it difficult for an agent to build a profitable career. For that reason, Keller Williams Command along with other Keller Williams technologies are offered to Keller Williams associates with no extra cost.

Another problem is the traditional real estate technology which offers limited interaction with clients at different stages of a transaction. To solve this problem, Keller Williams Command prioritizes leads and contacts in the agent’s database and ensures regular development of the database and increasing conversion rates.

A common problem for many CRMs is that all the real estate data is organized either by boundaries or by zip code. But when people search for homes. They don’t use these terminologies. They search for homes by neighborhood.

For that reason, all the real estate data in Keller Williams Command is organized by neighborhood. This allows the agents to the neighborhoods they are providing services and provide accurate data to their clients.

The Keller Williams Command simplifies your real estate business process and provides with everything real estate agents need to manage their business. Keller Williams Command with other Keller Williams technologies helps their agents to become tech-enabled and provide them with the technology they need to launch, grow, and keep their business afloat in the real estate world.

The advantages that a Keller Williams Agent can get from the Keller Williams Command are:

  • Save money and time by automating background tasks.
  • Manage contact database.
  • Manage all the listings activities in one place.
  • Track pipeline from lead to close.
  • Present listing consultations with accurate information
  • Optimize advertising strategy
  • Collaborate with other real estate agents or teams
  • Create visually stunning, professional-level marketing materials 


The Keller Williams Command offers a complete real estate business CRM solution to the Keller Williams real estate agents. This CRM is packed with useful features and the user interface is very simple. From lead generation to contact management, ultimately closing the deal, Keller Williams agents can do it all through this CRM. 

This CRM makes it easy for agents to manage their contact database, get the latest real estate data, and saves money and time by automating different tasks. This CRM is evolving day by day to provide the agents with exact to meet their needs. All these make Keller Williams Command the ultimate CRM in the real estate industry.