Tim Heyl - Secrets to Success with Keller Williams Training Models

Tim Heyl’s Secrets to Success with Keller Williams Training Models

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Tim Heyl is the living proof that you do not need to be in the industry for long to succeed. By following the training models of Keller Williams and with perseverance anyone can succeed in the Real Estate scene.

Whether you have been in the industry long or just a newcomer, Tim Heyl’s secrets to success can help you thrive. In brief, generating leads, leadership skills, leveraging your tools and strength are Tim Heyl’s secrets to success. 

Tim Heyl’s secrets to success are intrinsically linked with Keller Williams Training Models. His journey as a real estate agent began with Keller Williams MAPS Coaching Bold Program. If you want a better grasp on his success story with Keller Williams training models, I highly suggest you to, read on. 

Secret 1: Learning Lead Generation from KW BOLD Program

As a fresh college grad Tim Heyl enrolled in the Keller Williams MAPS (Mega Achieving Productivity Systems) Coaching BOLD program and started his journey in real estate. Here he learned the ropes of the real estate business, starting with how to generate leads.

While doing his course he had to make calls to expired listings to generate new leads. Initially, he was intimidated by the whole process of cold-calling and generating leads. But the language techniques provided by the course helped him with the calls. 

At the end of his course, he was doing 2 hours of lead generating activities every day. He chose not to work evenings or weekends. So, he would get to work at around 6:30-7 AM and practice his scripts.

 He would even call a friend he made on the BOLD program and practice roleplaying. By the time the clock hit 8 AM, he would start making calls to generate leads. He would try to make 30 leads a day and make 150 calls for that. 

Tim Heyl religiously followed the principles and models provided in Jay Papasan and Gary Keller’s book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. So, he knew that initially when you don’t have a team the fastest way to generate more revenue is to generate more business. 

Gary Keller states that there is not a single problem a real estate agent cannot tackle by generating more business. In the real estate world, generating leads means generating more business. Tim Heyl rightly focused on generating leads and trying to create nurtures. 

In his first year, he was able to sell only 20 houses. But by focusing on generating leads he started building his sales pipeline. Five years down the road, he was already a millionaire with a 13-member team.  

Secret 2: Converting Seller Leads to Seller Nurture Leads  

As a new real estate agent, creating a massive lead generation is great. But a “lead” alone does not guarantee a sale. To drive your business forward, you need to convert your seller leads into seller nurture leads. 

Seller leads are any information on potential buyers. It can be expired listings, referrals or leads from the internet. But to nurture a lead means to consistently upgrade the information on leads. 

To convert a seller leads to seller nurture leads efficiency and perseverance is required. Tim learned from Gary Keller that everything doesn’t have equal value and thus instils this mindset in his team. That is why Tim Heyls Group’s goal is to produce 5 qualified seller leads daily.

Now that he has a massive lead generation, Tim and his team focus more on producing qualified sellers, that is seller nurture leads. These types of leads have more chances of turning into closed deals. 

To effectively generate lead nurturing, Tim Heyl’s created some criteria to determine qualified sellers. His criteria consisted of 5 points,

  • Motivation of Seller Lead 
  • Timeframe of Listing 
  • Willingness of Expired Listings to Switch Agents 
  • Follow up call time set 
  • Contact Information

Secret 3: Growing a Strong Seller Pipeline  

An organic way for your buyer business to grow is to grow your seller business. Generating effective leads and nurturing them will naturally result in growing a strong seller pipeline. Tim Heyl was aware of his seller pipeline after a year in the real estate scene and paid attention to its growth. 

A seller pipeline is an organized way to keep track of everything and grow buyer business. The daily nurtures on your pipeline need to be consistent and growing, only then will your pipeline be strong.  

Your seller pipeline will help you track the number of your nurtures. This number will boost your listing appointments, clients taken and your closings. Hence, the pipeline helps to track your number of nurtures and in turn, it is becoming stronger. 

Ten years later Tim Heyl is still thriving because he is generating business consistently. He is still growing his seller pipeline while looking to the future. 

Secret 4: Leveraging the Team’s Strength

Tim Heyl follows the KW training model down to a T. That is why he still applies the Keller Williams Leads, Listings and Leverage model. Early on his career, his team fell apart once and he had to make use of the leadership skills and 80/20 rule he learned in his KW training program. 

At KW Realty time is of value. As an agent, you have to generate 80% results while putting in 20% of your time in work. The other 20% business should be generated by putting in 80% work time. You need to take on a leadership role and delegate the 205 work to your team members.

Again, when you have massive lead generation you should hire inside sales agents. When Tim Heyl’s team fell apart, he hired an inside sales agent to take over his lead generating activities. Then he focused his time on building his team from scratch.

Hiring a team of inside sales agents, he was able to spend more time teaching and leveraging than on lead generation alone. He paid them a percentage of the sales they made along with their base pay.

With the leadership skills, Tim Heyl developed from the KW training he leveraged the strength of his team to grow his business with local and expansion teams. With his leadership skills, he focused more on creating a motivated and efficient team.

Secret 5: Presenting a Direct Value Proposition  

All real estate agents are proposing more or less the same thing, trust and good service. What is it that you can offer that is different? 

Tim Heyl’s company provides certainty and commitment to their target customer. Their target customers are those who are looking to buy a new home by selling off their old property. 

The value proposition his agency offers is that the client will have the certainty of getting cash and moving into a new home before they list their property. His business is not following a non-committal business model to win over clients. 

Drive your realty business forward with a direct value proposition to create a dedicated clientele. 


In the realty business, it is not creativity or genius that will give you a shortcut to success. The secret to success is plain and simple. Strictly abide by age-old principles and business models to create a strong pipeline. 

For Tim Heyl, the principles and models he adopted were from Keller Williams training model. If he could build a million-dollar empire from scratch in his 20s by following this model, then it is truly worth checking out. Why not enroll for the KW training programs and try your luck in the real estate industry?