Your Brand

Updated: Branding

Bottom Line…People buy from people.

Especially when it comes to an emotional service like real estate.

You are not selling soda and an iconic bottle with a Brand name. You are selling yourself and the service and guidance and expertise that you can provide to your buyers and sellers.

Your Brand Matters. Your Standing in the Community Matters. Not the color jacket that you wear or the balloon that you fly around in or the history & tradition of the company that you are with.

Buyers and Sellers want to be taken care of and want to work with a professional. Survey after Survey, year after year has proven this.

So, agents…Are you being asked to promote the company brand – or your brand???

Does Brand Matter? You would think so — with all the millions of dollars big brokerages spend on national advertising or local companies on newspaper ads and magazine ads, it would lead you to believe that the only way that you could be successful in real estate is to work with one of these companies. But a recent NAR study says otherwise. Want to know more? Check out the video!