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Keller Williams Technology Gives Its Agents an Advantage from Day One

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The real estate industry is always shifting. And with the incorporation of technology in the real estate industry, the industry is changing much faster than before where Keller Williams technology is redefining the real estate business.

Keller Williams developed AI and machine-learning enabled Keller Cloud, the unique real estate CRM Keller Williams Command, and the Keller Williams App is transforming the Keller Williams agents from traditional real estate agents to tech-enabled real estate agents. And all these technologies are provided to Keller Williams agents only.

In this article, I am going to talk in brief about different Keller Williams Technology and how it is helping the Keller Williams agents.

Keller Williams Technology

The purpose of technology is to simplify our everyday life and give a chance to focus on important tasks. The same purpose is also true for real estate technology. The main goal of real estate technologies is to help real estate agents with their business and help them to succeed in the real estate world. 

Keller Williams technology provides the agents with all the right tools, resources, and technology to help real estate agents maintain their business and face any challenge head-on. The focus of Keller Williams technology is to help agents keep up with the changing real estate world and shape the future of the real estate industry.

All the Keller Williams technologies are developed by the Keller Williams Lab. The Keller Williams Lab closely works with the real estate agents. They start with a problem that agents faced before in the real estate business and try to find a solution to the problem. Throughout the entire technology development process, they work side by side with the real estate agents.

The work of the Keller Williams Lab doesn’t end with just developing new technology. They are always taking feedback from agents and continuously improving their product. By doing so, they have developed a much more efficient way to do real estate business for agents, along with providing an unforgettable user experience for clients.

Keller Williams Labs developed groundbreaking real estate technologies like the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Keller Cloud system, real estate industry focused Customer Relation Management (CRM) software Keller Williams Command and the consumer-facing counterpart Keller Williams App.

Keller Cloud:

Keller Cloud is the only real estate industry-focused cloud service. Keller Cloud is a collection of powerful real estate tools that can help agents to manage their business easily and efficiently and provide a better and smoother consumer experience.

Keller Cloud is powered by machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), making it the most advanced technology in the real estate industry. Keller Cloud contains the massive collection of data of the Keller Williams agents, real estate transaction data, and client data. This massive amount of data and the artificial intelligence of the Keller Cloud helps the agents to manage their business more efficiently.

Keller Cloud is not like any other cloud services available in the market. It is a smart cloud system thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) “Kelle”, which powers the Keller Cloud. The main advantage of artificial intelligence is, the more data is pumped, the smarter it will get.

With the massive data collection in the Keller Cloud, this AI engine can provide agents with valuable insight into the real estate market, thus guiding them through major business decisions. This smart cloud service is helping agents by prioritizing their goals, data, and lead generation to create the perfect market plan for agents that truly delivers.

Keller Williams Command:

Keller Williams Command is a complete Customer Relations Management (CRM) solution specifically for the real estate industry. Keller Williams Command is part of the Keller Cloud ecosystem which is capable of handling all the real estate business processes. 

Kelle Williams Command is developed by the Keller Williams lab experts along with Keller Williams agents. As a result, Keller Williams Command has turned out into the best CRM application in the real estate industry. This CRM is continuously being upgraded to provide agents with the best possible user experience.

Through Keller Williams Command, agents can do many things starting from contacts, listing, lead management, lead generation, task automation, personalizing marketing, managing pipeline to handling the transaction process after closing a deal.

The artificial intelligence “Kelle” is also integrated into the KW Command CRM. All the data of an agent in the Keller Williams Command is uploaded into the Keller Cloud. From there, Kelle can search the data, look for a pattern in the data stream, and provide valuable insight to the agents about the real estate market.

The Keller Williams App:

The Keller Williams App is the consumer-facing counterpart of the Keller Williams Command CRM. Not only this application is that it provides accurate and real-time real estate information to sellers and buyers, but also provides a direct connection to their own KW agents to complete the transaction process.

The Keller Williams App is the latest real estate technology by the Keller Williams Lab. This is an application that both agents and customers can use. Both customer and agent can customize the app in their own way. This application has streamlined the real estate business.

Through this application, customers can get accurate and real-time information about a property in a particular neighborhood. Clients can also get in touch with the local Keller Williams real estate agents through the app.

Through the application, agents can create their own SmartPlan to manage the business. Agents can send multiple texts and emails from the Keller Williams App. They can also access their Keller Cloud data, customize their marketing campaign, and more through the application.

How Keller Williams Technology is Helping the KW Agents?

Building and maintaining relationships with the client is everything in the real estate business. Keller Williams technology provides all the essential tools to help agents grow and maintain the relationship with their clients and build a successful career in the real estate world. And all these groundbreaking Keller Williams technologies are available to all Keller Williams agents.

What technology do real estate agents use?

The real estate market is constantly changing. To survive in this industry, agents have to be tech-enabled. The advantages that a Keller Williams agent get through the Keller Williams Technology are- 

Giving agents control over their data.

Unlike the other CRM software used by many real estate brokerages, Keller Williams Command gives agents complete control of their data. Agents can categorize and manage their listings, contacts, leads easily. They can also access these data easily.

Saving time, energy, and money.

All the Keller Williams technology is developed with the goal to simplify the real estate business. These technologies provide services like task automation, providing accurate information, efficiently managing daily business tasks thus saving time and energy. On top of that, these technologies are provided to all Keller Williams associates without any extra cost.

Maximizing insight

In the real estate business, the one with the most data and insight thrives. And thanks to Keller Cloud, all Keller Williams agents have access to a vast amount of real estate data. 

The data from tens of thousands of Keller Williams agents are generating a huge amount of property insight, which provides a competitive edge for a Keller Williams agent in the real estate market.


Keller Williams technology provides all the tools that are necessary for agents to become tech-enabled to keep their business afloat in the forever shifting real estate industry. Being an associate of Keller Williams Realty will give you access to all these real estate technologies that can help you to build a successful real estate career.

Join Keller Williams today and make your dream come true.