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6 Reasons Keller Williams Command is Changing Real Estate

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I recently counted that in my real estate career spanning 20+ years, I have used over a dozen CRM systems and nearly 30 real estate marketing systems to varying degrees of success. With that in mind, I want to share with you how KW Command is changing real estate technology for the better and offer 6 reasons that you should use KW Command in your business right now.

KW Command is an outstanding CRM & Marketing application built in house by Keller Williams for KW Agents. The KW Command System features lead generation tools, social media marketing, tracking prospects, communicating, and balancing goals all in one easy to use application.

The job of a real estate agent is challenging, venturous, lucrative, and sometimes frustrating. Gaining and nurturing leads, sending prospects regular emails or texts, and managing conversion is grueling. Thanks to Keller Williams where their revolutionary cloud-based CRM, KW command takes care of these while the agents can focus on more productive errands.

Keller Williams has reshaped real estate since its foundation in 1983. With the innovation of their outstanding CRM application the KW command, real estate is evolving even faster. All credit is due to Keller Williams’ foresight to transform real estate into something more.

There is plenty to talk about Keller Williams’s command, how it works, why agents have embraced it, and how they made it so agent-friendly. Joining the Keller Williams family and taking advantage of their technologies can help your business grow beyond imagination. Reading this article till the end shall help you gain valuable insights about KW command.

Here, are 6 Reasons Keller Williams Command is Changing Real Estate:

KW Command is Built by Agents, For Agents

The KW command is changing real estate fast and for the better. This CRM tool makes the job of agents easier than ever. The best part of KW command is that it is targeted towards the agents rather than customers. Keller Williams values the agents’ feedback and pays heed to what they want. Agent-oriented real estate is their primary focus.

KW command boasts a feature called LAB. It works like a real-life lab as the name suggests but virtually. They take the agents’ reports and opinions about how the platform should function. What features it lacks and what should be added to ensure a more convenient workplace. Thus, they continuously update the platform for betterment of the agents.

The LAB was founded for the same reason as Keller Williams started their journey. The real estate agents in the market were full of ideas. All of them had some sort of idea or design that works for them. And ideas kept changing and evolving as time went by, so was the KW command. All of these were possible for the platform that listens to the agents’ voices.

Quality referrals are of paramount importance for real estate agents. Initially, the KW command didn’t emphasize much on it. But seeing the agents struggle for referrals and knowing they could do something about it, KW decided to improve the quality of life of the agents. And in a few months, a new lab was formed for the sole purpose of referrals and the struggle was no more.

One of the most game-changing aspects that were brought into KW command through LAB was designs. This feature helps agents to make their brand without using any third-party mediums. This helped many agents to skyrocket their brand by proper advertising and reaching potential clients. No more blatant designs by third party credit to LAB.

Usually, other software and web-based tools take consumers’ feedback during beta testing and make changes accordingly. After release, periodic updates are released to meet consumers’ demand. This is where LAB has the upper hand. It takes agents’ feedback in real-time and implements the changes methodically so the system remains seamlessly effective all the time.

Focused SmartPlans for Follow Up

Any business requires customer satisfaction. To ensure it you will have to reach out to the customers. In the past, this was easy because means of communication were limited to only phone calls or text. With the advancement of technology, it has become quite complicated. There can be several ways to communicate with customers and they can be tedious.

Business automation tools are the solution to it. They take over the time-consuming but less productive aspects of any business like emailing or texting clients, social media marketing, social media posting, etc. KW command has a feature exactly like this that does even more than traditional marketing automation tools available in the market.

Smart plans are more serviceable than other marketing automation platforms because it is made due to the sole purpose of serving real estate agents. Through LAB in KW command, thousands of agents have contributed to the making of this tool. So, it comes with no surprise that agents find it more convenient than any other workflow automation tools.

With SmartPlans you can automate everything that used to be manual and eat into your valuable time. Sending client’s text, offering them a meeting schedule, drip marketing, or checking the local listing for potential leads or prospects, etc. all of these will not be your headache anymore as technology takes over.

KW commands SmartPlans is highly customizable. You can add a personal touch to all of your campaigns to make them more humane. It will treat each lead and client depending on their preferences, whether they like mail or text, or maybe a phone call. You can also schedule, reschedule, or delete any plan you are currently using considering your approach strategy.

Smart plans can be used to share data and plans in a team of real estate agents. This ensures that everyone is satisfied with the way their work is progressing. If you are too lazy to customize your plans, you can choose from nine pre-built plans that suit your needs. Upload your contacts, choose a plan and you are all set to go.

Performance Reporting

Every measure you take to boost your business and reach more clients need to be tracked to see if they are working as desired. Gaining constant leads and turning them to prospect is one of the key components of success in real estate. Nurturing those leads as well as conversion rate also need to be followed up.

Keller Williams does an excellent job when it comes to helping agents generate leads. In KW command, they have introduced agent sites. These sites are way more different than regular day to day websites. They are more like a landing page equipped with an AI to work as a lead generation tool. These sites do everything from filtering contacts to tracking leads to close.

This state-of-the-art lead generation system tracks every visit to your site and updates your contact list automatically. Not only that, but KW command also records every activity of potential leads on your website such as. This will allow you to offer your clients a more personalized experience and also you can differentiate a prospect from a lead to shift your focus.

The agent site is unlike any other website or search engine. It offers a myriad of choices to consumers to find what they want. This guarantees a customized and exclusive experience for each lead. Clients can get information about the entire nation as well as any particular area. This makes sure that buyers get what they want.

Clients can search for availability of schools, hospitals, or maybe supermarkets in their desired locality. They can even decide how many doctors, nurses, or beds are available or doctor-patient ratio, which brands of cornflakes are sold most in the neighboring supermarkets, etc. before they settle in. This is an incredible achievement of technology accomplished by Keller Williams.

You can also periodically check the performance of your campaigns through the KW command. This helps you to make the necessary changes to your campaigns to attract more clients. Command also allows you to set and compare goals for your ad campaigns. This is an excellent addition to get rid of any unrealistic goal or fruitless campaigns.

Enhanced Communication with Clients

Proper communication with clients is one of the most important aspects of this sector. That is the foundation KW command, LAB, and many other features are based on. Keller Williams always emphasizes enhancing agent-client relationships by automating other more time-consuming tasks of an agent.

You can easily update your contact list through command. You can either manually change them or by sending a text or voice command. No contact will ever be lost if this feature is properly utilized. You can send premade texts to your clients on their birthdays or maybe Christmas etc. These little gestures shall greatly increase your recognition in the market.

KW command is just like marketing automation software which is shamelessly tailored for real estate agents. You can reach out to your leads, potential prospects, clients through social media, emails, texts, or phone calls. To avoid monotony and leave a human touch, all the messages can be customized depending on your client’s tastes.

Smart plans include a feature called a decision tree. It is an AI that makes decisions by itself based on some conditions set by you. For example, if a text is sent to a client’s number and he doesn’t open it, the decision tree will automatically decide whether to send an email instead of texts. It will also make sure what the client prefers and work accordingly.

Contacts can also be kept in groups and be prioritized by command. You can group a bunch of contacts that are more likely to reach you soon and make a purchase. This will help you to reach the correct one at the right time quickly. If you are responsive to interested parties, the likeliness of them making any investment increases which prospers your career in turn.

Opportunity – Pipeline Tracing

Pipeline is another widely used term in real estate scenes. a pipeline is where random leads come from. The general public that is looking to invest in real estate comprises pipelines. Those who have already interacted with any agent or brokers are the leads. Among those leads, those who are likely to make a purchase are called prospects.

KW command has a feature called opportunity. It makes tracing, tracking, and nurturing so easy that you will never have any second guess. You can now arrange and rearrange any sales record, transaction, and interaction with clients all by yourself with the highest efficacy. This will allow you to keep knowledge of pipelines from certain locations and treat them appropriately.

You can inspect every element of your business and brand through opportunity. Waiting for clients from pipelines to make a move is over. You can dig deep into the pipeline to explore any potential chance to cash in. Local listings, available properties, any engagement with clients, pending contracts, closed deals everything is now in the palm of your hand.

Opportunity creates custom reports thanks to machine learning and AI, which helps you to keep track of everything in your brand. You can modify the reports to get an explicit view of your goals. This will also help you set a strategy, fix a course of action, and to approach your goals in time with minimal efforts.

The customizing transaction is another brilliant feature of opportunity. Frustration because of lack of choice in transactions is a no-no when it comes to KW command. You can disintegrate your transactions into various stages to utilize according to your preferences.

With opportunity, you can track any prospect to a closed deal. This helps you to track every virtual footprint left to have a clearer view of the pipeline, leads, and prospects. Compliance of created opportunities is ensured thanks to Keller Williams’ collaboration with DocuSign, the renowned document management provider.

DocuSign taking over document entry tasks and opportunity supervising tracking of pipeline and leads, you have more time than ever to focus on one to one relation with customers. This is the key to success in this business after all.

Marketing and Advertising Engine

Keller Williams hasn’t left any loose ends in their groundbreaking innovation, command. Integrating marketing and advertising engines is proof of that. Campaign, the proprietary name of their advertisement engine works in harmony with all the components of command like SmartPlans, opportunity, LAB, etc. This ensures a coordinated ecosystem.

Due to impeccable machine learning algorithms of campaign, harnessing pipelines and generating leads is now effortless. You can easily target potential customers based on what they prefer. If you want to sell a house with a modern gym, you can post social media ads targeting bodybuilders or wrestlers.

When they click on the ad, they will be automatically redirected to a page to fill out a form stating what they want. Once they fill-up the form, you don’t have to manually enter their information to your contact database, the campaign will do it for you. You can also integrate their information with SmartPlans for precise follow ups.

Along with email advertisements, social media advertisements are now the most popular medium in digital marketing. KW commands an advertising engine campaign can generate ads fast and publicize various properties or arrange any event. Campaign can also post and target customers in different media without conflicting with any other apps,

One of the most important reasons for campaigns success is its affordability and versatility. You can create ads containing messages, videos, or stickers to attract more people. With campaigns, you can gain a 500% boost in lead generation with half the cost of any social media advertising. This is an undisputed win for KW command.

Campaign not only helps to generate leads but also contributes to converting them into customers. With fewer investments and times spent in ads, many agents and teams can turn their focus into infrastructural aspects of real estate rather than losing in a labyrinth of mathematical calculations. This is what keeps them ahead of other agents who do not use KW commands.

Digital presentations, postcards, or fliers can be designed by the advertising engine. You can either choose from nearly 1400 prebuilt templates by or make one yourself, whichever suits you. Also, all the templates are categorized so that the agents can pick the right one at the right time without hesitation. This feature helps to boost social media marketing on a larger scale.


In the late 70s, being a real estate agent was tough. Many marketing automation tools were invented and technology advanced. The difficulty started to mellow. But an agent-friendly real estate platform was not on the horizon.

As soon as Garry Keller stepped in with his revolutionary ideas to reshape real estate, the thing started to change. Keller Williams is now home to nearly 200000 real estate agents who are now flourishing in their brands. Keller Williams is more of a tech giant rather than a real estate company. No other companies are seen innovating such technologies as they do.

Keller Williams command is one of those innovations that does everything a machine can do to ease up things. The only reason that it is so successful is that it wasn’t built for agents, rather it was built by agents. Integrated components of KW command such as SmartPlan, opportunity, designs are the result of LAB, a platform where agents’ voices are heard.

The way Keller Williams has changed real estate is beyond description. In this article, I attempted to mention all the remarkable aspects of KW command and how they are affecting real estate. After reading this, I am certain that you don’t have to search elsewhere to find what you were looking for.