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Career Consulting Seminar – Learning the Roles on Real Estate Teams

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Are you in the right role in the business?
Keller Williams specializes in the team building model! There are so many roles within the real estate business structure, have you ever wondered if you are in the right role?

Many agents do, and that is why we created the Career Consulting Seminar.

Rachel Sartain and Robert Earl discussed the road map of the real estate team model and all of the roles within the business. If you are looking to be on a team OR build a team – this is a great event for you to attend.

Career Consulting - Robert Earl - YourCBL

TEAMS AND TOP AGENTS – are you hiring? Please contact YourCBL today and let us know what position you are hiring and your expectations. The Career Consulting Seminar is a great Job Fair event for you to find talent for your business!

AGENTS – are you or someone you know interested in being part of a team? Come to the Career Consulting Seminar and learn all the different roles that might be a perfect fit for you!

If you know someone at a different real estate company who would like to learn more about the roles within a Real Estate team, please feel free to have them contact YourCBL and we will connect them with the right resources.

Robert Earl is available to hold this consultation on a 1 on 1 basis. Feel free to contact us today.