Building a real estate practice using social media

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Can you build a real estate career using social media? The answer found in this interview may surprise you…

It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started in the business or if you have been selling real estate for years, you can use and leverage social media to grow your real estate business. Add to this the advantage that you will gain over the competition and it is a wonder that more agents are not taking this route.

But what really works with regards to social media? What tools should agent be utilizing in social media as a lead generation tool for their real estate career?


In this powerful Keller Williams Mega Agent Interview from KW Team Leader/Coach Rick Bosley, Rick talks with Keller Williams Mega agent, trainer and author of The Social Agent: The New Era of Social Networking , Tony Giordano, from KW Beverly Hills, CA. In recent years, fueled primarily by his social media presence, Tony has built an international global re-location and referral real estate network and is now recognized as one of the top social media savvy real agents in the industry. Listen and learn, as one of the true masters of training agents on how to leverage social media , shares his proven tips and strategies with you.

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