6 Reasons the Keller Williams Consumer App is a game changer

6 Reasons the Keller Williams Consumer App is a game-changer

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In 1981, 22 percent of home buyers read newspaper ads to find a home and eight percent used friends as an information source. In 2018, 44 percent looked for properties online first. In 2021, Home Buyers will be turning to the Keller Williams consumer app to start and execute their home search. So why is the Keller Williams Consumer App such a game changer?

The Keller Williams Consumer App is a game changer because it puts accurate and up to date information in the hands of home buyers and sellers and provides them with a direct connection with their own Keller Williams agents to complete the buyer or selling process.

This differs greatly from other apps or portals that are notorious for providing inaccurate or out of date information and then connecting consumers with random agents that have no connection to the subject property or the buyer or seller making the inquiry.

When anyone thinks about any real estate company, they immediately think about Keller Williams. The company has become successful because it can satisfy both the agents and the customers. To make its service even better, the company has recently created an app known as the KW app.

The KW mobile app is the latest invention by Keller Williams. The app helps to create a network of agents and customers. Agents and customers both can customize this app according to their choice and make real estate property buying and selling easy. 

In this article, I will talk about the 6 Reasons the Keller Williams Consumer App is a game changer in the world of real estate business. I will talk about the features of the app and how customers and agents can use these features for their benefit. 

The Keller Williams App

There was a time when, like any other agent, Keller Williams agents had to maintain a lot of paper works. They had to keep track of every agent, and updating the information took a lot of time. Then the company thought about helping its agents so that they can focus on more making sales and less paperwork. 

The company’s technology solution team came up with an app which can be customized and used to make the real estate business easier. Keller Williams launched the KW app in early 2020. It is now available in the Google play store and App Store. The app is now free to download.  

Both customers and agents can download this app. You just have to download this app and sign up. Then follow the steps instructed by the app to have a futuristic experience. 

The Best Features of the KW App

The KW App is a reliable app for both consumers and agents because both can personalize their apps according to their choice. The features of the KW App are designed in a user friendly way. Customers can easily find out their dream houses by using these features. Here is what you need to know about the features of the app:

1. Neighborhood focus

Using the app, a user can select an area of his choice. He can circle a particular part of the area using his fingers and tap to see the properties for sale. For example, a customer visits Austin, Texas to buy a house. He wants to look for properties in that area. He can just open the app and set his GPS location to see the houses for sale nearby. 

Again, maybe you are in Miami, and you want to move to a particular neighborhood in Texas. So, instead of coming to the preferred area and looking for houses, you can look up the houses for sale in the app. Not just houses, you can also set the number of rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, or other details of your preferable houses. 

Moreover, a client can see the prices of the properties of the area listed in the app. Then, he can select a price range according to his budget and see the details of those properties only. This way, a customer does not have to travel to find a house and thus save time. 

The map in the app is detailed and clear. The pictures of the houses from the map view are also very vivid. Customers can scroll the house in full-screen view and take a closer look at the houses. They can save images on their phone, take notes, and save lists. Users can also mail the images and listings of the app through email to others. 

If people still have questions regarding the house, he or she can contact the local KW agent through the app. The agent will reply as soon as possible and set a meeting to visit the houses of the customers. 

2. Market Snapshot

Customers always struggle while deciding to move into a new home and neighborhood. The KW app has a unique feature known as Market Snapshot. This feature helps agents and customers to gather insights and information from the market stats of a particular area. This feature is a great source of information for the users.

The agents can use this app to understand the neighborhood and its people. He can use this data to talk with potential clients. Also, the data may change from time to time. The prices of the properties may also change. As the app is regularly updated, agents can keep track of the price rates. They can share necessary information with the customers if the clients ask.

For example, a customer wants to buy a house on Pablo. He selects the Pablo Golf Course area to purchase a house. To decide, the customer can see the market snapshot of that neighborhood. Customers can see what other customers say about that neighborhood and what the locals say about living in Pablo Golf Course. 

There is also a section of commute time. This can also be very helpful for the agents. The client or agent can add the address of a house and see how long it will take to reach the house from the current location. This way, meetings between clients and agents can be easily set.

Furthermore, you can see nearby schools and colleges in that area. You can see the reviews of others about these institutions. Not just schools and colleges, users can also see the grocery stores, restaurants, and shops of the locality in this app. This helps to decide whether a customer wants to shift in that area or not. 

Customers and agents can also see different listings of a particular area. So, when they are searching through the app, they may find some important information that catches the eye. No other app related to the real estate business has this technology. Thus, the KW app is different from other apps. 

3. Connection with Database

Both agents and clients can see the data of Keller Williams through accessing their database of information from the KW app. This app also provides real-time MLS listings, a list of houses, price lists, client lists, broker lists, and so on. The user can use any of this information from this app directly connected with KW. 

In this competitive world of real estate business, an agent has to be fully prepared to become successful. He also needs knowledge and idea of the properties around him and beyond his area of operation. At Keller Williams, every agent and market center are instructed to update their information in the database for future use.

A KW app user (customer or agent) can view the map and browse for listings. The users can also see the Market centers of different areas and the agents working under these centers. They can easily contact agents because the app keeps a record of every agent’s number or contact information. 

The agents and customers can compare the price rates of properties listed in the KW database for a suitable business deal. The seller can also use the app to contact agents and take service to sell the properties. 

This feature gives Keller Williams an extra advantage in case of getting buyers and finding houses to sell. They can save a lot of time as the information in the app is regularly updated. 

In the case of the customers, they can see a list of all the houses for sale in this app. They can compare the prices of different houses. They can select a location and then compare the prices too. And these are possible from anywhere and anytime, just by clicking the KW app as the app is connected with the company database. 

4. Smartplans

The KW app is created for the growth of the business. So, to make things easy for the agents, the app has a Smartplan feature. To use a Smartplan, users have to open the Smart Plans library. Then, they have to add that to My Smartplan List. After that, users can start with adding contacts like phone numbers and email addresses.   

An agent can send multiple messages and emails from the app. He just has to add the names one after another and write the message. There is also a filter by tag option which can be used while selecting contacts. An agent can create many tags and use them accordingly.

 For example, an agent might want to send messages to his new clients about a new home. So, he can tag them as ‘first time home buyers’. For the old buyers, he can have another tag like ‘old buyers’. Using the tags, he can categorize his clients. 

Moreover, there is an option of setting a time to send messages. You can write messages and set a time to send those messages to specific people. Maybe you want to congratulate your client on their anniversaries. For that, you can set a message for a date, and save it in the app. The app can remind you about the dates and send the messages on that date for you. 

The SmartPlan feature of the KW app works like a virtual assistant for the agents. With the help of the app, the agents can remember important dates and send messages to many people at once. They can easily connect with the people on their contact list. This way, they appear to be co-operative and thoughtful to their clients.

5. Marketing Templates

Selling any products requires strong marketing skills. You have to get the attention of potential buyers. The same goes for selling real estate properties like houses, flats, and apartments. To promote the real estate properties, agents also have to distribute and share their web-pages, broachers, buyer guides, office cards, and other marketing materials.

Therefore, the agents have to hire a designer who can design these things for them. It requires both money and time. Now, what if an agent and his team can design their marketing materials? It can save them a lot of extra money and time. 

Keller Williams gives its agents the platform to make their marketing materials and promotions by providing marketing templates in the KW app. 

With the help of the marketing templates, agents can create an attractive page for their company. The templates help the agents by giving them options to create graphics, printing materials, email sending, and many other options. With a unique page, agents can start their business from scratch. 

If you are an agent and you want to use the templates to promote your business, here is how you can use them from the app: 

  1. First, login to Keller Williams’ agent network with your details like email/user name and password.
  2. After logging in, you will see a Design icon on the left side of the bar. 

Under the Design tab, you will find over 1,400 design templates to choose from. These are pre-made designs, but you can change them based on your preferences. 

However, if you want to narrow down the designs, you can also use the filter options. There are different templates for different categories. There are designs for pages, brochures, listing presentations, buyer guides, fliers, door hangers, postcards, etc. Then, to create your designs, you can simply use the drag-and-drop option. 

So, just with a few clicks, you and your team can create marketing materials. These materials can be saved and modified for future use. 

Now, for online promotion, you need to share your designs on the internet and different social media like Facebook or Twitter. Users can also do this with the app. You can also send the designs in e-mails to your saved contact by using the SmartPlan feature. This way you can easily promote your brand and company.

With proper and smart marketing techniques, the agents can get more clients. The first step to bringing customers is getting their attention. Therefore, unique designs are an important part of marketing that the agents can create in the KW app. 

6. Follow up before, during, and after a transaction

Normally, in the real estate business, when people want to buy a home, they contact a real estate agent. Then, the agent and the client fix a date for seeing houses in a particular area. The agent takes the clients to house one after another and describes the houses. The process is very tiring and sometimes a waste of time for both clients and agents. 

However, if a client and agent use the KW app, it becomes much simpler. As you can see, agents of Keller Williams can start their app by personalizing the KW app. When a potential client opens an account in the agent’s app, the agent can track the clients through Command. It is an artificially intelligent CRM-plus solution.

So, the agents can understand what the clients are looking for. He can see what the clients are searching for in the app, their list of houses, views, and notes. To make things easier for a client, an agent can suggest some houses based on their search results. He can keep regular contact with the customer through the app and answer questions of the customers. 

Furthermore, agents can show houses to clients at any suitable time through the high-resolution video tours of homes. The clients might be far away, unable to meet for a house tour, or busy at work. But the agent can be available for the clients through the KW app.

If the client likes the house recommended by the agent, the agent will have a happy customer. A satisfied customer can be a loyal customer who will think about the agent in future real estate business deals or suggest others to hire the agent. 

When a customer finally selects a house and stops searching, the agent will be the first to know about it through the app. Then, the agent can start making preparations for handing over the house to the customer. The customers can directly meet with the agent or complete the process in the app. 

Again, during this transaction process, the agent will guide the customers. The agents will always be there to make sure the customers are closing the deals properly. He can keep the customers well informed about the purchasing process through the app. 

Keller Williams’ agents make sure that the customers are settled in their new house. They do not stop contacting their clients after closing the deal and taking a commission. The agents keep contact with their clients and keep track of them. 

This is made easy with the help of the app. The agents can send messages on special occasions of their former clients through customizing Smartplans. 


By now, you must have understood the 6 Reasons the Keller Williams Consumer App is a game changer for the real estate agents and business. The app has unique features that no other real estate companies have in their apps. 

These features are helping Keller Williams’ agents to get in touch with clients easily, and the client can also find out their dream house in this app without wasting much time and money.