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Before we list out some of the State real estate license requirements for Gulfport FL, we wanted to spend a moment talking about the most important requirement to becoming a real estate agent. That requirement is COMMITMENT.

We say COMMITMENT because of two things. 1) You are going to be dealing with a state agency. You know what an ordeal that it is to get a drivers license from the DMV. Well, in many ways regarding the paperwork and requirements, this is a similar situation. The paperwork and process presents a temporary obstacle, but once you get the license, you are on your way. 2) You are considering becoming your own boss. And for some, this requirement overcoming alot of FEAR and also having enough motivation and drive to pull you through the bumps in the road and difficulties that might arise.

Our Local Guide in Gulfport Florida with Keller Williams has assisted dozens of agents in meeting the real estate license requirements. There are a number of Real Estate Career Opportunities in Gulfport FL open right now. When you contact, the local guide for your area will reach out to you and invite you to a career night presentation where they will cover the specific real estate license requirements for Florida as well as how you can get started in the Gulfport Real Estate Market.

This commitment to becoming a real estate agent in Gulfport FL will be tested many times throughout the process of getting your real estate license, but the ultimate rewards of starting a new career and taking control of your life could be immeasurable and pale in comparison to the hurdles it takes to get licensed.

Here are the general requirements for getting a real estate license. Please remember that state are constantly updating and changing the laws, so when you are ready to proceed you should complete the form on located on our Keller Williams Careers Page and our local guide will get you all of the details.

Most States require you to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be licensed. This does not mean that you can not start the process prior to turning 18, but to get the actual license and work with customers, you must be 18. I have heard of some agents getting an early start on their career by taking the real estate courses in the evenings or during spring or summer breaks of high school. Again, with commitment, it can be done.

Most States require a High School Diploma. Some will allow a equivalency degree (GED).

You will be required to take either online of class room courses from an accredited real estate school. The Class will have a final exam and then you will have to take a test administered by a 3rd party agency to ensure that you obtained the necessary comprehension from the coursework. For many, this is the most difficult requirement. Going back to school, or doing a self study course can be daunting. And to this the testing and some potential agents end up dis-qualifying themselves by signing up for the course, completing it, yet never having the commitment to pass the final state exam.

Real Estate Agents / REALTORS are required to have their licenses affiliated with a State Registered and Licensed Brokerage to ensure management and compliance for the individual agents. Some brokerages are designed to just hold the license and nothing else, while others, like Keller Williams are designed to assist the agents, at all experience levels, to maximize the potential of the real estate license and the agent through training and consulting and mentoring.

As a rule of thumb. I always advise potential agents that they will need about $1,550 to $2,000 to complete the licensing requirements and to get signed up with the local Multiple Listing System and buy their first set of business cards. These cost are the responsibility of the potential agent and are usually spread out over the process which can take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months or longer.

Real Estate Agent or REALTOR
Once you are licensed, you need to decide if you want to join the National Association of REALTORS. Only members can use the REALTOR designation and not every licensed agent is a REALTOR. Some do not sign up for the Association and its Code of Ethics. This is something for you to decide. Also, some MLS systems are operated by the Local REALTOR Associates, so you may have to become a REALTOR to participate in the system.

More Savings or Performance
Now you are licensed, and you either will need more savings to pay the bills, or you will need to start selling homes and helping buyers and sellers. Unless you just got your license as a hobby or to say you did it, most agents that get their licenses look to real estate as a new Career. This is why being with a training company that happens to be in real estate, like Keller Williams Realty is so important. You will quickly understand that you need the strategies and tools needed to succeed.

So there you have it. The real estate licensing requirement and the commitment needed to become licensed and to become a successful agent.

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