Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Gulfport, Florida

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1. Coursework | 2. Testing & Exams| 3. Brokerage Selection | 4. Post Licensing | 5. Selling Homes

So you are considering becoming a real estate agent in Gulfport, Florida? Congratulations. This actually is a great time to get into real estate. With the real estate turn down, countless numbers of part time and non serious real estate agents got out of the business. Now that the real estate market is starting to recover, there are new opportunities for new agents.

The steps to becoming a real estate agent vary from state to state and area to area, but this will provide you with a general overview that will assist you along the way.

We also have local guides that can directly assist you in Gulfport FL – Just complete this form and our local guide will reach out to you to help you with the correct steps.

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Step One – Coursework
You will be required to complete a real estate principles course. These courses are given in either a classroom or online format. The course is designed to give you the foundational information for the practice of real estate in your specific area.

Step Two – Testing & Exams
To show that you have retained the information presented in the course – you will be required to take a test or a series of test as mandated by your local state or jurisdiction. These test are usually given by a 3rd party – independent testing agency with reporting directly to the state agency responsible for issuing licenses. Inorder to take the test, the accredited real estate school that you took your coursework with will have to provide proof of course completion.

Step Three – Brokerage Selection
This is probably one of the most important decisions that you will make that will have the greatest impact on your future success in real estate. While successful, experienced agents have come from a variety of real estate schools and courses, the selection of brokerage and company that will provide the sales and business training is a key differentiators for agent ultimate success.
Take a look at some of these recent awards for Keller Williams agents and brokerages. Remember, success leaves clues and the company you keep matters.

– 126 Keller Williams offices ranked by transactions and sales volume out of the top REAL Trends 500 – more than any other real estate franchise
– Six Keller Williams representatives on the Inman 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders Report
– Ten Keller Williams representatives on the Swanepoel Power 200 Most Powerful People in Residential Real Estate Report
– The No. 2 training organization across all industries and the highest ranking real estate company with Training Magazine
– Seven Keller Williams finalists and four winners including the Web Choice winner on the REALTOR Magazine 30 Under 30

Step Four – Post Licensing
Each state varies on the amount and types of post licensing and continuing education course requirements. The Post Licensing will focus on the areas of Fair Housing, Contracts, Financing, etc. These requirements will not only come from the state level, but also from the local REALTOR association and MLS Systems.

Step Five – Selling Homes
People get into real estate for the Freedom, the Flexibility and the Financial Rewards. But far to many agents end up abusing the first two of these and never see the 3rd one. They make bad decisions about the companies they select and the training or lack of that they take advantage of. Our local Keller Williams Guides, know as Team Leaders are here to assist you. Their job is to help you laser focus on being a great real estate agent. Compete the form on this page, and they will reach out to you and probably invite you to one of their upcoming career nights so that they can share with you the specific steps to becoming a real estate agent in Gulfport FL.