Gary Keller is Fond of Weddings

Gary Keller is fond of weddings

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Gary Keller is Fond of WeddingsDid you watch or are you over all of the coverage?

Amazing how events catch peoples attention. How it stands out among all of the other stories.

Did you know that weddings were one of the first sources of real estate business for Gary Keller.

As Gary tells the story, when he was first in the real estate business, as an active agent, before he started Keller Williams – he made it a practice of reviewing the wedding announcements in the local newspaper.

Each day or week he would collect the announcements and then would research the couple, address, phone number if he could get it.

He would send out a card of congratulations.

Because what do most newlywed couples need?

A new home to put their wedding gifts in.

And if they are not moving right away, they will as soon as the family grows.

And not everyone that get married already has a family castle to move into, do they?

This was just one of the ways that Gary set himself apart in the market place.

It is how he stood out in a crowded field of Realtors.

Amazing how you can stand out.


Make it a great day.