Lead Generation

Gary Keller is Fond of Weddings
Did you watch or are you over all of the coverage? Amazing how events catch peoples attention. How it stands out among all of the other stories. Did you know that weddings were one of the first sources of real estate business for Gary Keller. As Gary tells the story, […]

Gary Keller is Fond of Weddings

Part Time Real Estate Agents
One of the most frequently asked questions that we get on YourCBL.com is “Can I become a real estate agent on a part-time basis?” Usually the individual has a current job that they are not satisfied with or it is something that is not really a full-time job in and […]

Can I become an agent on a Part-Time Basis?

The eAgentc system from Keller Williams includes the eAgentc website. This website is a powerful lead generation tool when configured correctly. This page with share some tips and how to’s so that Keller Williams associates can configure the eAgentc website and use it to generate hundreds of leads per month. […]

Generate Leads with the eAgentc Keller Williams Website