Utah Pre-Licensing Real Estate Schools

Taking a state-approved real estate course is the first step in the requirements to getting your real estate license in Utah.

If you live in Utah, you are fortunate because your state allows you to take an online course. We have provided links to the Real Estate Schools that we work with that provide the Online Course.

Utah Approved Online Course Benefits

With our partnership with TheCEShop, We Offer Everything You Need To Get Your Utah Real Estate License.

  • We provide the best tools, videos, and business advice to support you throughout your career.
  • We value your time, money, and effort, and we prove it by offering your money back within 30 days of purchase if your course isn’t yet 50% complete.
  • When you have questions, we’re available to answer. You can call, chat, or email us 7 days a week.
  • Our built-in math guide makes it easy to grasp the numbers involved in your new career.
  • Included free of charge, our interactive Exam Prep program is designed to help you ace your licensing exam.


Students overwhelmingly love their courses.


Other providers stay mum about their pass rates, but we’re thrilled by our students’ success. Pass your exam and start your career with confidence!


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Classroom Courses

If you prefer a classroom course, select the link below and look for a school in your area then contact them for their specific schedule and cost.

Find an Approved Classroom – Contact them for Schedule & Cost

Click Here for State List of Accredited Classroom Schools

Whichever route you go, online or classroom, we recommend that you make sure that the course package that you purchase includes an Exam Prep module. This is a collection of sample test questions that will help you prepare for the course final exam and the Final State/National Exam.

Online Courses vs. Classroom Setting

Our experience is that there has been no significant difference in the pass rate for the State/National exam based upon the course format. The Online version does allow prospective agents to get up and running sooner than those that have to wait for a classroom setting and then have to add on study time for the state/national exam.

The Online Format
– Flexibility in study time. Anytime you can log on to the internet, you can be studying.
– Usually less expensive investment for the course than the classroom or the self-study/book study format
– If you have a high comprehension and retention level when you read, you could be done with the course in a matter of days as long as you pass the course final exam
– The practice exams are in the computerized format that the final exam and State/National exam will be delivered.

– Because there is no set schedule, a student in this format may have difficulty in focusing and time blocking to finish the course
Remember, no matter the course format, each requires a final exam.

The classroom setting format
– Usually taught by an experienced instructor that is able to answer any questions that you have
– Classroom setting allows for interaction with fellow students
– The instructor may be able to provide some tips on passing the ultimate state and national test

– Time…The course is usually taught in a chapter format that is spread over multiple weeks
– Lack of flexibility in scheduling. Classes are at a set time and attendance is mandatory
– Those same fellow students that you are interacting with may not be as committed to succeeding as you are and this may prove to be a distraction

Bottom Line
This is an area that will require you to make a decision based upon your own commitment, study habits, and past course experience. Do you need someone to hold your hand in a classroom setting or the safety net of an instructor you can turn to or are you disciplined enough to block off the time to take the course and study on your schedule via an online environment? Only you can truly answer this question.