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In Listings by Robert Earl

Your Listings – Your Leads

You worked hard to build a relationship with a seller and they decided to list their home with you and your company.

Then you have to put a sign in the yard that primarily promotes the company that you work for and not you. You end up getting 2nd or 3rd billing because the national franchise name is included, and then the name of the local “flavor’ of the franchise and finally your name.

The sign also includes the main office number and your contact info is relegated to a rider sign that you hope the prospective buyers look at.

And the listing is promoted on the companies main website, where all of the inquiries are routed to a call center, or a duty agent that has not bothered to preview your property or it is routed by the manager to their favorite agent.

Does any of this make sense? NO.

Your Listings – Your Leads is a concept that recognizes the work that you as an agent have done to bring business to the company.

Contrast this to the way other operate.

– The sign in the yard will have your contact number and your branding as the primary focus. You will include the Keller Williams logo, but your brand and logo and contact number will take center stage.

– The contact number on the sign will be your number. You decide if you want it to ring to your cell phone or your unique extension on your office desk or if it is routed to your IVR system for lead capture. You decide.

– You, the one that knows the property the best get the inquiry and get to answer the questions and you get to make the decision if you want to work with another agent in the office to assist you with the inquiry if you do not feel comfortable working in a Dual agent situation.