Robert Earl answers Questions about becoming a Keller Williams Agent

Q & A with Robert Earl – Steps to Getting your Real Estate License and Joining Keller Williams

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Robert Earl with hosted an informative session with a group of aspiring agents that are signing up for real estate classes and joining Keller Williams.  This overview talks about the real estate classes and the fees associated with being an agent with Keller Williams Realty.

Questions Covered include:
I just signed up for my online courses. While I’m taking them, what should I be doing to secure a position with KW?

The process?

Evening classes?


Getting in a classc?

What are my first steps?

Now that i have passed my state exam what are the particular advantages of Keller Williams. Mainly rates and fees.

What is the success rate for new agents? If i can ask my second question, may the dues be paid over a payment plan or are they die in one lump sum?

What’s the support provided to me as if I have questions or not understand what I am reading and how much out of my pocket money to start this careerpath?

Would like to know more about the process of becoming an agent.