Q & A with Robert Earl – Steps to Getting your Real Estate License and Joining Keller Williams

Robert Earl answers Questions about becoming a Keller Williams Agent

Robert Earl with YourCBL.com hosted an informative session with a group of aspiring agents that are signing up for real estate classes and joining Keller Williams.

Questions Covered include:
I just signed up for my online courses. While I’m taking them, what should I be doing to secure a position with KW?

The process?

Evening classes?


Getting in a classc?

What are my first steps?

Now that i have passed my state exam what are the particular advantages of Keller Williams. Mainly rates and fees.

What is the success rate for new agents? If i can ask my second question, may the dues be paid over a payment plan or are they die in one lump sum?

What’s the support provided to me as if I have questions or not understand what I am reading and how much out of my pocket money to start this careerpath?

Would like to know more about the process of becoming an agent.