Real Estate Classes Near Me – KELLER WILLIAMS Abilene Texas

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Real Estate Classes Near Me - KELER WILLIAMS Abilene Texas

Have you ever asked yourself the following question? What is the best real estate school near me in Abilene, Texas? If this is the case, you are on the right page.

We have taken the time to review over 50 real estate schools and have selected the four best that are approved by the state to offer classes that satisfy the credit hour requirements and join the Keller Williams Abilene office. Real estate schools are independent of real estate brokerage companies, so the schools on this list reflect this fact and offer you the best opportunity to take the required real estate class and pass the final exam on the first attempt. The sooner you do so, the quicker you will be able to join Keller Williams Abilene.

These real estate schools made the list because they met the following criteria:

  • Commitment to following the state approved ciriculum
  • Exam Prepartion as an equal focus to the required credit hours
  • Ease of Use
  • Satisfaction Guarantees for Students

A students attitude and commitment is just as important as a particular school. If the student is commited to completing the course and putting in the time required to acheive success, then the school itself is not as much of a factor. These schools are on the list because they will be prepare you for your career with Keller Williams Abilene.

Review of Abilene Texas Real Estate Schools

Our #1 Recommendation:
The CE Shop Real Estate School

The Other School making the list:

How did The CE Shop rank so high?

The CE Shop offers a 5 day free trial. Any part of the course that you complete during that time period will be saved and you will get credit for it when you purchase a full package.

Another reason is that they offer a 30 day full money back guarantee as long as less than 50% of the course has been completed. Because of the online nature of the school, they are able to offer free trials and guarantees that are not possible in a classroom setting. This gives you the peace of mind as a student that the course they are selecting is the right one to launch their career.

If you are not able to complete the course in the time period allowed, you will be able to purchase an extension for a minimal fee from The CE Shop.

The CE Shop Pricing and Discounts

The CE Shop usualy offers a discount promotion code that reduces the cost of the class by as much as 40%. Click here to see the current pricing and discounts for the Texas real estate classes.

Another thing that stood out in our review was the military discount that The CE Shop offers to active duty members, family members and those transitioning to civilian life.

Which Package Should I Select?

Lets explain what the 4 packages include, the Course Only, Standard, Value and Premium.

  • The course only package includes the core required hours course for the state.
  • The standard package throws in the exam prep module as well.
  • The value package is the next step up, including the core hours, examp prep module and a business building course.
  • The premium package includes everything in the value package as well as the state required post licensing course.

Becasue of the importance of the exam prep module for you to pass the final state exam, we recommend either the Standard or Value level package with The CE Shop. The Premium bundle with the post licensing course is also an attractive investment.

When you are first getting into real estate, there are a number of financial investments that you need to make, including the real estate course. The CE Shop understands this and lets you break your payments into equal thirds. This helps your cash flow as you are getting started. Completing the course will allow you to apply for the open positions at Keller Williams Abilene.

Online real estate classes

The benefits of taking an online course

  • Schedule Flexibility. If you can login, you can study.
  • Less expensive than a classroom course that has to pay for meeting space and an instructor.
  • If you have a high comprehension and retention level when you read, you could be done with the course in a matter of days as long as you pass the course final exam.
  • Each section includes a chapter quiz that you must pass before you proceed to the next section. This ensures that you understand the inforamtion that is going to be included on the test.

The purpose of the course is to ensure that you satisfy the credit hours required by the state and pass the final state exam. This applies no matter which package you select.

The real estate course will introduce you to the principles and practice of real estate. It will not teach you how to run a real estate business, how to find buyers and sellers and how to have a successful career as a real estate agent.

The Importance of Training at Keller Williams Abilene

Keller Williams Abilene New Agent Training

That is where Keller Williams Abilene comes into play. Once you finish the course you will be able to join the Keller Williams office in Abilene, Texas. The real estate training is left up to the brokerages in the state of Texas. Keller Williams Abilene understands that and has a business model that has been developed to show you what activities successful agents do on a daily basis to achieve the success. These proven systems and models help separate Keller Williams from other, traditional or online only real estate companies. No matter the market conditions, over the history of Keller Williams, their agents have consistently out performed the marketplaces. This is all because of the training done in the Keller Williams office like the one in Abilene, Texas.

We would love to assist you with your real estate career. Let us know that you are interested and we will show you how to be successful with your real estate career.