Keller Williams Jobs You Can Get with a Real Estate License

Keller Williams Jobs You Can Get with a Real Estate License

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Everyone that has a real estate license that works with Keller Williams Realty do not all work directly in real estate sales with buyers and sellers. There are a number of jobs you can perform with a real estate license at Keller Williams.

Keller Williams and its agents provide all of the services required to support a real estate buyer, seller or investor and has job openings in all of these areas for licensed agents. Job Opportunities include Administrative, Marketing, Sales, Support, Graphics and Technology positions that are enhanced with having a license.

Once you get yourself an authorized Real Estate License issued by the government. You pretty much have won yourself an opportunity to pursue a career in the whole Real Estate Business. When it comes to the world of the real estate industry, Keller Williams reigns supreme. Now let’s head into the job opportunities Keller Williams can offer.

Keller Williams has been serving in this industry for 37 years as of now with over 940+ offices located worldwide. Currently employing over 180,000 you have the chance to apply for a plethora of job opportunities with a real estate license.

The complexities for applying into each of these job openings do kick in as you slowly learn more about Real Estate career opportunities. In this article, I will talk about some of the Keller Williams Job you can get with a Real Estate license. Thus, if you are willing to learn more about the following be sure to give this article a read till the end.

How a Real Estate License Helps

As previously mentioned, in this article my focus will be primarily on the various Job sectors in Keller Williams. All these jobs apply to you if you have a real estate license.

Real Estate Licenses have their requirements to be met based on the state you are in. However, it’s not rocket science.

You will mostly have to look out for the most common specific details your state needs you to have to land a Real Estate License. The most common requirements you might have to look out for include; minimum age limit, education, experience, additional fees, and application process. Before you land your pen onto your paper to start preparing for the Real Estate exam, keep in mind to do proper research based on your current state’s fulfillment demands.

As I’ve clearly stated, different countries and states have their respective demands that need to be met for you to be eligible for working in Real Estate. In some states, Keller Williams will expect you to become a member of their brokerage’s local real estate board. You will also have to participate in complete certification and contract-completion training.

Nonetheless, other than meeting additional qualifications, you will almost always need a Real Estate License to become eligible to apply for Keller Williams jobs. So if you’re interested in pursuing a career in the world of Real Estate, make no haste in enrolling yourself into a Licensing program supervised by your state.

Jobs You can get at Keller Williams with a Real Estate License

Real Estate Assistant

As a Real Estate Assistant in Keller Williams Realty, you will be expected to provide administrative assistance to individuals or several Real Estate agents in an Office-like environment.

Consider this position as some sort of an internship where you will be mentored by your higher-ups and will constantly be challenged as you make your way up as a Real Estate Agent. This job position is perfect for you if you’re just starting. This is the only position where you won’t be expected to own a Real Estate License to get started.

Your Salary will range and vary depending on the agents you will be supervised under. It can vary and. One of the clearest benefits is that you will get to learn a lot about the real estate industry and develop extensive administrative skills and gain office experience.

Down below I’ll talk about some of the most common responsibilities, qualifications you will be expected to have and do working as a Real Estate Assistant.


  • Manage documents, websites, social media, emails, and letters.
  • Participate in event planning projects
  • Compile and deliver monthly or weekly reports of Real Estate documents to clients
  • Oversee and take responsibilities for making repairs on properties that are listed for sale
  • Be involved in advertising, look after market listings (flyers, online, newspapers, brochures)
  • Put up various signs on a listed property when time’s appropriate
  • Facilitate and maintain a close working relationship between clients and agents


  • Be able to efficiently pull of multi-tasking
  • Have immersive and effective communication skills both verbally and virtually
  • Stay well-organized
  • Know when to execute tasks and when to follow Real Agent’s instructions
  • Time-management skills
  • Proficiency in Computer skills
  • Be decisive, flexible, and be able to switch responsibilities
  • Team leadership
  • Bachelor’s degree

Transaction Coordinator

Real estate agents can work from anywhere, anytime, whether it be within the comfort of your home or the full-fledged boundaries of a professional environment, the office of course.

40 hours of work time per week limit but it’s mostly their call about how many hours they are willing to contribute. Sometimes it gets tough for most Real Estate Agents to keep up with all the hassle regarding maintaining their transactions.

Mismanagement of time and execution will be common for Real Estate agents. And for this reason, you just might be lucky enough to be hired as a Transaction Coordinator for a Keller Williams Real Estate agent.

A Transaction Coordinator can be independent or be provided by default from your office. They pretty much serve as Real Estate Assistants but their tasks are entirely focused on dealing with transactions (ranging from contract to closing). As with most job positions here, you will need a Real Estate license to work as a TC for Keller Williams. Also, you will most likely be expected to have previous experience in the field to be employed.


  • Administratively execute transactions from contact to close
  • Open and participate with escrow documents
  • Keep an eye on transaction activity of clients
  • Capability to manage 25-20 monthly closings
  • Professionally handle and be courteous when dealing with clients on calls.
  • Update and organize every clients’ data regularly
  • Constantly update bodies related to ongoing transactions
  • Follow up weekly calls and emails for clients
  • Maintaining and organizing necessary documentation and tracking of pertinent deadlines


  • Previous working experience as TC in the Real Estate industry
  • Professional and courteous communicative skills both verbal and virtual
  • Excellent at maintaining client relationships
  • Well organized
  • Efficient and effective time management skills
  • Proficient skills in operating Microsoft Office and MLS
  • A strict and strong mindset
  • Passionate in delivering smooth Client Experience
  • Be committed Full-time
  • Be able to shift and project personalities
  • A high school diploma would suffice but a Bachelor’s degree more preferable

Real Estate Team Buyer Agent

Unlike many other entries in this job, if you have a knack for building up a client base and get paid based on the service you provide, then this is the right one for you.

As a Real Estate Team Buyer agent working for Keller Williams, your job will be pretty simple.

Educate potential customers about available property listings of their interest, advise people on market conditions, maintain regular networking with customers, and facilitate any acquisition of property by customers. All while maintaining proper teamwork with your colleagues.

To excel in this job, you will need to be self-driven and be self-sufficient to be updated and present yourself as a well-researched salesperson. Since you will be paid for every transaction you will be making. The number of closed transactions is directly proportional to the amount of money you will make.

However, you have to build up a client network first to grow and maintain your reach. Thus, you will need to keep up with client care objectives other than just helping your clients buy properties. Most of the responsibilities and qualifications that come with it are going to spell your financial success.

Just like many other jobs, you need a real estate license before being officially listed as a Real Estate Buyer Agent in Keller Williams. However, you can still apply for this job before you get one. It’s overall a very flexible and has fewer restrictions, if you like being a workaholic, definitely should be your cup of tea.


  • Verbally and virtually communicate with clients
  • Update customers on market conditions and rising trends
  • Answer various questions regarding terms and conditions and contracts
  • Help out clients in finalizing their purchase of property
  • Negotiate prices and manage transaction-related paperwork
  • Search for new potential clients and network with third party entities
  • Deal in case any conflicts rise during transactions
  • the foster existing client base
  • Take responsibility and help close deals of your team members


  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent communicator both virtually and in-person
  • Convincing and confident personality
  • Opportunist mindset and should attain updated knowledge
  • Proficient in computer skills
  • Optimistic approach when dealing with conflicts
  • Sales closing negotiable skills
  • Hard worker
  • Team Leadership skills

Real Estate Team Seller Agent

This is probably the most self-explanatory job in the Keller Williams Real Estate job listing.

You retain your position as a real estate agent but your tasks and focuses will entirely be upon the selling/renting of property by clients. Just like a Buyer’s agent, you will be expected to be both a lone warrior and a team player.

The main takeaway of this job is that you have to work as a seller expertizing in aiding your clients to put up their property for sale. You have to have knowledge about the sales market and consult them in preparing their homes for a fast sale.

 Excellent interpersonal skills and good communication will get you through this job with ease. Much like our previous entry on a Team Buyers’ agent, you will be expected of pretty much the same responsibilities and qualifications.

No need for a Real Estate license when applying but if you plan to start soon, you need to obtain a valid license from your relevant state.


  • Consulting potential seller on what they could do to sell their property quickly and with good value
  • Take open house tours and consult sellers about how they could improve certain conditions for better sale opportunities
  • Keep the clients updated about market trends and new sale opportunities
  • Answer any queries regarding contracts and sale terms
  • Understand the selling goals of clients
  • Involve clients in every step of the selling process
  • Be prepared with comparable data to suggest values based on property listings
  • Have listings and be updated about current local real estate home sales
  • Advertising and promoting by virtual and practical means


  • Trustworthiness and strong work ethics
  • Knowledge about updated properties and trends in the sales market
  • Strong sense of sales management and negotiation skills
  • Strong verbal and virtual communication skills
  • Proficiency in computer software, Microsoft office
  • Be a team player
  • Be independent and self-driven
  • Excellent advertising skill

Real Estate Team Inside Sales Associate

As an Inside Sales Associate working in Keller Williams Real Estate team you will be expected to reprise and fulfill various roles. Your main priority would be to look and examine leads whether it be through inbound, outbound means.

 You will have to successfully pitch certain leads into scheduled appointments for your team members. This position will drive you to outdo yourself as much as you can as you have to keep updates on your sales metric and keep an eye out on your productivity rate.

You are expected to be a team player who excels in managing time and able to follow up with any leads to documentation and execute contract closing. You will be trusted with sensitive files and finance-related information about customers and your associates.

Overall, most of your responsibilities will lie within the scale of your team members and you will have to do what you can to help your team achieve success.

If you create a good impression and keep up on growing your skills, this role can eventually lead you to be promoted as a Team leader.


  • Look out for potential clients based on leads gathered from various sources
  • Engage with leads through calls, emails, etc.
  • Schedule appointments for clients in appropriate settings
  • Keep up with your weekly and monthly set goals
  • Execute follow-ups of lead
  • Receive training and attend classes to extend personal skills
  • Maintain and follow through local and federal laws when dealing with real estate brokerage services


  • Effective writing and verbal skills
  • Time-management expert and an avid organizer
  • Ambitious and willing to develop work-related skills further
  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Be a selfless Team Player
  • Intimidating and confident in managing phone calls
  • Real Estate license
  • Be able to study, execute internalized scripts
  • Basic computer skills

Real Estate Team Showing Assistant

This is another job position where you will have to be a Team player and performing well here can lead you to become an eventual team leader. As a Real Estate Showing assistant, you will have to work with both buyer and lead agents of your team.

You will have scheduled appointments with potential buyers on certain properties/lands that meet their criteria. You will need to be in constant touch with potential buyers, help them show around for inspection, and report their responses back.

You will also need to stay updated about property listings, market trends, and pricing. A very convincing, positive, and enthusiastic personality is to be projected to maximize your effectiveness in front of clients.

A real estate license is needed and you have to be a minimum high school graduate to apply for this job.


  • Show your clients homes and properties based on their requirements and price
  • Keep and update the Lead and buyer agents of your team about certain progress
  • Constantly respond to your clients’ calls, emails, texts, etc. and follow up on them on your own
  • Know of local homes and properties and to properly answer the queries of the clients
  • Make appointments and manage inspection and showing opportunities for clients
  • Be involved with clients through the entire process for delivering a smooth experience
  • Advertising, photography, installation of signs, safety inspection are some of the tasks you need to be responsible enough to execute on your own
  • Respond to feedbacks of your clients and make changes accordingly


  • Great communicator over calls and in-person
  • Extremely organized and efficient worker
  • You have to be a Team player, be dependable, and have strong work ethics
  • Enthusiastic attitude and positive persona in general
  • Driving license
  • Real Estate License
  • High school Diploma
  • Service-oriented
  • Professional in terms of outfit and attitude

With Experience, Office Team Leader

The most crucial and hardest job in this list is definitely this one. You not only will be expected to have proficient management skills but you will maintain the entire team and have to set realistic goals and lead your entire team reach them. The versatility and management skills required in this position are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Previous experience in both office management is crucial, working in the Real Estate industry is optional. There is heavy screening and background checks carried out to ensure that applicants have strong leadership charisma and record.

Many ISA or Showing assistants can apply for this position once they have built a good reputation and name around them. It is a full-time job with no chance for working remotely unlike most other job entries mentioned.


  • Carry out recruitment processes weekly
  • Appoint business meetings
  • Overlook Sales and transaction closings
  • Supervision of team members in office
  • Make the office environment professional and efficient
  • Oversee the hiring of agents, and look out for developments and ensure proper training in staff so that the Keller Williams high standards are met
  • Prioritize productivity and maximize profitability in the workspace
  • Empower your team members and motivate them to reach their potential
  • Manage certain events and projects
  • Generate leads, listing appointments, and negotiate contracts
  • Ensure verification of data and information and files
  • Handle inquiries and complaints firsthand


  • Logical problem-solving skills
  • Effective organizer and project planner
  • Professional and authoritative communication skills
  • Effective marketing skills
  • Have immense growth and must project high-level leadership capabilities
  • A strict and strong recruiter
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Be able to cooperate with others and also be independent
  • Self-motivated
  • Planning, team-building and goal settings skills
  • Past job experience track record
  • Basic Computer experience in Microsoft office and MLS
  • Team and people-oriented


In the booming industry of Real Estate, it is very common to get confused. Nevertheless, now that I have discussed in-depth about Keller Williams Jobs You Can Get with a Real Estate License. I hope you have learned a great deal about the individual job positions listed above in this article.

If you have any interest in pursuing any of these career options then I wish you all the best and thanks for reading this article.