How to get your Real Estate License in Hicksville Firms New York

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Decide if Real Estate is a Career you want to pursue in Hicksville Firms, NY

The First step is to have a honest conversation with yourself and determine is real estate is just a passing wish or if it is really something that you can see yourself doing as a full time career and profession. Are you financially in a position to be able to start a new business that earns income via a commission basis and not a salary that pays every two weeks? With the explosion in the popularity of shows on HGTV & Bravo, a number of individuals are drawn into the idea of getting involved in real estate as an agent. Considered all of the behind the scenes activities that the agents have to perform and then ask yourself, could you see yourself being happy having to do those things?

If the answer is YES, then you need to find a real estate school and sign up for a class.

Find a Real Estate Class or School that covers Hicksville Firms New York

Finding an approved New York Real Estate School and Course is Fairly Simple. We have created a page that provides a list of state approved real estate schools and have also provided links to online classes that you can sign up for and begin taking today.

You are fortunate because the State of New York allows you to take online real estate classes in Hicksville Firms, NY. Not every state permits this. Some state require prospective students to wait 30 to 60 days for the next class to start. This puts you in a position to get started today.

When selecting a course, make sure that you upgrade the class package to include an Exam Prep package or session that has sample test questions. This will be a key to you passing the final exam.

Complete the New York State Required Hours

Just signing up for the course is not enough. You have to put in the time, either attending the classes in person or reading and studying the materials via the approved online course. Because there will be a final exam, you want to make sure that you do not allow too much time to pass from the time that you start the course to the time that you take the test. If you allow for more than say 45 to 60 days to lapse between the beginning and the end or the course, you will probably start forgetting the materials that you learned in the earlier chapters.

Pass the NY Privately Proctored Real Estate Exam

This is by and far the most nerve racking portion of becoming a real estate agent. The Final Exam. Multiple Choices with those types of questions written in such a way that some seem that every answer is correct and others that none of the options are fitting. This is why we recommend the Exam Prep module, so that you get used to taking sample test over and over again.

While there may or may not be a testing center located directly in Hicksville Firms, we do know that New York has privately run testing centers all around the state so that you will be able to take your exam shortly after finishing your coursework.

An item of note. Your Percentage on the Exam and the real estate course that you took to meet the requirements of the real estate commission in New York will never be published anywhere. Some people worry that if they pick the wrong school or only pass by a couple of percentage points that this will hurt them. It will not. The class is strictly required to meet the hours requirements and to prepare you to pass the test. Period.

Select a Brokerage in Hicksville Firms NY that is focused on your success

One thing to note about the real estate pre-licensing courses offered in New York. They will not teach you how to sell real estate on a day in day out basis. This training is left up to the real estate companies that agents associate with.

Some real estate companies are not structured in a way to provide this training to new agents and they would prefer that you not be associated with them. They just won’t have the time of resources to assist you.

So when you are considering a real estate company, ask them about their training calendar. Are there going to be resources and staff dedicated to assisting you? Not just when you are trying to sell a home, but right away with navigating getting all of your paperwork straight with the State of New York as well as getting your signed up with the New York Association of Realtors and the Multiple Listing System that covers the Hicksville Firms NY area.

Complete any required Post Licensing Requirements for New York

We know that you will be so excited to get to work making money selling real estate. But make sure that you keep track of your Post Licensing Educational Requirements and your Continuing Education credits that you need to earn. There is nothing worse that having to cram these classes into your schedule in the month before the deadline. Plan ahead and stay on top of making sure that your license remains in good standing and active.

Start Helping Hicksville Firms NY & Surround Area Home Buyers and Sellers

Zig Ziglar was famous for saying, “If you help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want.” Helping someone sell their home in Hicksville Firms, NY or buy the home of their dreams is now your focus. Your daily, weekly and monthly schedule should start to include the activities that cause these seller and buyers to work with you. Too many times, people have gotten into real estate because of the freedom and flexibility. But because they abuse this new found freedom, they never get the potential financial reward. Again, the training of the brokerage and the environment of the company office that you join should encourage this focus on consistent lead generation and not just be structured for you to wait for business to come from the company.

Continue your Training with your Hicksville Firms NY area Brokerage

Training is not just a one time event or something reserved for just new agents. Your partnership with a real estate company should include on going career and business training. So much of the real estate business is about mindset and skills. Being in a environment that supports your growth and professionalism is a great idea for you to accomplish your goals and dreams.

So there you have it… The Steps to Start a successful real estate career in Hicksville Firms New York.

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