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Over the course of seven weeks, BOLD conditions agents with mindset exercises, language techniques, and live lead-generation activities. Participants are put into accountability teams and are challenged to push each other to achieve results. BOLD continues to draw agents from within Keller Williams and from other real estate brokerages. It is more than a business course—it’s a transformative one, as well, Willis says, and many participants have testified to improvements in their relationships and emotional well-being.

BOLD conditions agents with powerful mindset exercises, language techniques, and lead generation activities. This transformative program increases sales through the relentless pursuit of leads and business-building activities. Discover the transformational results BOLD will have on your life and career. Choose abundance for your life.

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BOLD has some foundational truths known as BOLD Laws. These BOLD Laws are shared by all of the students participating in the BOLD Experience. This provides for a common bond as agents face the challenges and opportunities that are presented throughout the course of business, not just during the 7 weeks that BOLD is held at Simi Valley CA, but also beyond the class.

Simi Valley CA BOLD LAWS

Simi Valley CA BOLD LAWS

Is it worth it to take BOLD @ Simi Valley CA?

The creator of this site, Robert Earl, as of this writing has taken BOLD 12 times. Every time the material seems different for a number of reasons. Keller Williams MAPS Coaching is consistently revising the information presented in the program based upon market conditions and feedback they get from the agents and offices. Also, the student is always in a different place in his or her career. One time attending may highlight a focus on lead generation habits, while the next time may reveal a need to better plan and follow a schedule. Each time, the class shines a light on working and living by Design, and not just by Default.

The Team Leader of the Simi Valley CA works with Keller Williams MAPS Coaching to bring the BOLD Program to your area on a consistent basis. This is just another example of what sets apart the Simi Valley CA office from other real estate companies in the area.