Agents are empowered thanks to the Associate Leadership Council – ALC in the Greater Howard County Maryland Market Center

In Keller Williams by Robert Earl

Greater Howard County MD ALCThe Keller Williams Realty Associate Leadership Council – or ALC for Short is made up of a group from the top twenty percent of the Keller Williams agent group in the Market Centers. Each year, the Team Leader of the office reviews the previous years productivity and issues invitations for associates to participate in this group. The purpose of the Associate Leadership Council is to guarantee that the associates have a direct path to provide input and decision making for the operation and well being of the Keller Williams office.

The Greater Howard County MD ALC is not just a figurehead group. The Keller Williams Policies and Procedures ensure that this group is actively involved in the leadership of the company, holding ownership and management accountable to live within the budget and participates in attaining the goals of the Greater Howard County MD Market Center, i.e., production, drive profit, education and standards and principles. This is NOT a sales meeting nor is it a complaint session.

The Greater Howard County Keller Williams Board of Directors

The ALC acts as the Market Center’s “Board of Directors”. They are the guardians of the culture. A covenant agreement of ALC responsibilities is entered into by all ALC members with their Market Center peers.

Selected members from the Local ALC represent the Market Center as members of the Regional and International ALC. This is an honor to be selected by your peers.

The Agent Leadership Council sets Keller Williams Realty apart from the rest of the industry. At Keller Williams Realty, the associates have true “input” into the policies of the company. It is a true vehicle that allows agents to express themselves and participate in the policies and leadership of the company.

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Typically, the top 20% of the associates in the market center comprises the Agent Leadership Council. They meet at least once per month and make major decisions in conjunction with the Team Leader (Broker) and the Business Operating Partner.

ALC Meetings are open to all agents in the office

The monthly meetings are open to all agents in the office. Agents in the office can serve on the ALC committees and the ALC member that serves as the committee chair reports back to the ALC at the monthly meetings. There is also an agent leadership council for each region of Keller Williams Realty as well as one for the entire company.

Keller Williams is an Open Book Company. This means that the financial profit and loss statement is made available to the ALC meeting and the market center on a monthly basis. This review ensures that the best people are making decisions, those that actually earned the money that is being tracked on the profit and loss statement.

By treating the associates as business leaders and partners, and not just agents or employees, the company fosters a true win-win environment. It has been said that this model is the only one that ensures that the Keller Williams Office Owner and Agents are on the same side of the table as stakeholders, and not adversaries sitting across the table from each other or detached somewhere in a cloud.

Greater Howard County MD ALC Meeting Sample Agenda

Greater Howard County MD ALC Meeting Sample Agenda

Another role of the agent leadership council is to be of assistance to associates in the office. New agents have lots of questions and who better to answer them than the agents who have been there and know how to handle certain situations.

Also, since these ALC members are active in selling real estate, they are available to be shadowed by agents who want to see how a successful agent goes about earning business.

Greater Howard County MD ALC committees
Each ALC has standing committees that focus on various aspects of the business. The standing committees are education, culture, recruiting, financial planning and technology.

The Team Leader of the Greater Howard County MD works with the Keller Williams ALC to ensure that the culture and working environment of the Market Center is not only one that you want to join as an agent, it is also one that you will never want to leave or need to leave. This is just another example of what sets apart the Greater Howard County MD office from other real estate companies in the area.

A side note from the creator of this site, Robert Earl.
“I have had the pleasure of serving on a Keller Williams Market Center Associate Leadership Council for 12 years of my real estate career. The ability to work with the other associates in the office to set the tone for the culture of the office and to actually be involved in the decision making process of the company is something truly unique to Keller Williams. I also cherish being selected by my fellow agents to represent the Region as an Agent member of the International Agent Leadership Council (IALC) and again by my fellow Team Leaders and Office Owners as a Leadership member of the IALC. To present issues put up for a vote at the annual Family Reunion meeting of the IALC is a professional accomplishment that I will remember well after my career is over.”