5 Benefits of the Keller Williams Commission Structure

5 Benefits of the Keller Williams Commission Structure

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If you are anything link me, you are full of questions and a lot of those questions revolve around getting paid the most for selling real estate while having a fair commission split. As a new agent you are probably wondering how the Keller Williams Commission Structure compares to other companies and what benefits the Keller Williams Commission Structure offers new and experienced agents.

At Keller Williams, every agent is on either a 64/30/6% commission split or a 100/0% plan. So the agents will be getting 64% while 30% will be forwarded to the market center which will be based on the cap which is determined by the associate vote where the agents are treated as stakeholders. And the remaining 6% will be given to the main company. 

Already sounds too good, right? There’s still more. And once you’re done with the whole article, you’ll understand that the agents are not the ones working for Keller Williams but it is the company (Keller Williams) that is working for them. The organization ensures that they don’t get paid unless their agent gets paid first. So, let’s get more into details.

In my experience and research of Keller Williams and countless other real estate companies, the Keller Williams Commission System has 5 main benefits vs. other programs available to agents.

1. Pay as you go – Only pay when you have a closing

One of the many benefits of the Keller Williams Commission structure is that you’ll only have to pay once you close a deal. Agents working at Keller Williams always get the higher end of the bargain and they’re able to enjoy greater cuts from what they earn for the company. 

There is also the profit-sharing scheme where new agents are asked to name a sponsor. Someone who made them choose Keller Williams out of all the other real estate firms. The person might be an old or current employee working at Keller Williams. It can also be someone who’s indirectly connected to the company

Now comes the main part. Remember the 30% that you’re sharing with the market office?  Your sponsor will be getting a percentage of that income from the office itself. This potion is given to the sponsor to let them know how grateful the company is for receiving a new agent who will work to further develop the company in the future.

And when the sponsor finally decides to retire or leave the company, the company will share a portion of the profit with them each month. So not only will you be helping another employee at Keller Williams, but you’ll also be receiving attention for being recommended at their splendid company.  

2. Fairness – Same Commission Structure for all agents

As previously mentioned, the Keller Williams Commission Split Structure has a very lenient commission split system when compared to its traditional counterparts. One of them being that it treats its new agents with the same dignity as the old ones. So you won’t have to worry about getting bullied or looked down upon at your workplace since Keller Williams strictly maintains a policy to treat all their employees fairly.

If you’re a new agent, you’ll be receiving the same commission as all the other agents and will even be provided with training facilities. So don’t worry about receiving a lower cut than the agent who’s been working at the agency for 15 years as both your commission splits will be identical. And Keller Williams is one of the few firms to do so.

The training program is another factor for which Keller Williams has garnered such a huge name for itself in recent years. Let’s say you’re a new agent who doesn’t know how to do his job properly yet. You will be provided with training as the company is aware that you won’t be of any use if you don’t know how to do your work properly. 

They will also provide you with the necessities for your training so that you can maximize your utility and potential. The agents will need to take advantage of the facilities being provided to them as it will help them harness their skills.

3. 100% Based – Receive 100% of your commissions once you cap

Are you worried about having to pay the broker for the entirety of the year? This is where the cap system plays a vital role. At Keller Williams, they have a firm and fixed cap amount that you have to pay for the year. In that sense, when you settle that amount, you’ll be able to keep 100% of your commissions. 

If you’ve earned around $400,000 in a year and the market cap amount rests at $25,000, you’ll be receiving $375,000 as your annual income as you’re only conditioned to pay the cap amount. And once you’ve paid that amount, you can enjoy the total percentage of your income for the rest of the year.

And the year won’t be according to the Gregorian calendar. The year starts once you join the company. And in this very way, you’ll be able to make more profit compared to the other agents working at different companies. Keller Williams’ company truly wants the best for its agents and treats them with respect.

4. Husband and Wife Teams pay One Cap – Perfect for Couples that Work Together 

If you thought you’d have a treat time working as a single, then wait till you learn how perfect Keller Williams is for working couples. 

If you happen to have a wife or husband working at Keller Williams as well, then you’ll be able to split the cap amount between yourselves as well. 

This is great news for the lovely couple. For instance, say you’ve made an annual salary of $400,000. And the market cap is $25,000. Now, if you were working for the company all alone, you’d have to pay that amount all by yourself thus lowering your commission, leading to a lowered annual income. 

But when your spouse is also working at the same company, both of you can pay the cap amount altogether. As individuals, you’d have to pay $25,000 each but now the two of you can split the payment between yourselves and receive a higher annual income. In this way, you’ll end up paying the cap sooner and enjoy the rest of the year with a 100% commission back.

5. Open Book Company – You can see where the brokerage is spending your money.

Keller Williams is an open book company. In other words, you won’t find yourself in messy situations trying to find out whether you’re being lied to. The company takes accountability for all their actions and refrains from keeping any secrets. 

Keller Williams wants the best for its employees and works to help them in securing more profits so that everyone as a whole gets a taste of the reward of success.

The ultimate goal of this open-book management is to allow the workers to receive information relating to their work. This will not only benefit then individually and help them work more proficiently but will also let them know how the company is operating. They will be able to understand the motives of the business and will know how the company is doing all together.

This method is very important as it will dissolve suspicions and there will be a more healthy relationship among the workers; particularly the agents and their brokers.

At Keller Williams, not only will you be successful as a businessman, but will also earn more profit because this system allows you to maximize your financial success.

Traditional Real Estate Commissions Compared to Keller Williams

Let’s look at the traditional real estate business first. Traditional real estate businesses are known to be very strict when it comes to commission sharing and, in most cases, agents end up being worse off. 

In a traditional real estate agency, when you’re met with a 50/50 commission split, chances are that you won’t make as much money as you should. Traditional real estate agencies have been known to suck the living soul and wallet of their agents. To make matters worse, some are even known to show a lack of empathy towards their brand-new agents.  

But the hard-lining truth will always be the fact that agents will not have enough flexibility to work about in their own accord and hence will be met with harsh environments and working conditions. All that hard work and the company will end up taking all the credit. 

You might be able to understand further if I bring out numbers. Let’s say you’re working at an agency with a 50/50 commission split and at the end of the year, you wind up making $400,000. Great, right? Not quite. You’ll have to pay the 50% share to your company which will leave you with $200,000 worth of annual income. 

This is a big deal as it sets forth the notion that the more you work, the more profit the company makes where it’s supposed to be the other way round. Once you reach a position, you’ll look back and realize that the company might have given you the contract, but you ended up carrying it even further. So not being able to receive a higher cut will surely be off-putting.

But that is not the case at Keller Williams. At Keller Williams, they believe in equality and hence your reward will be proportional to the amount of work and hours you put in. And with their cap system, you’ll be able to keep all of your commission once you fulfill that amount. 

Are There Any Desk Fees at Keller Williams?

A desk fee is a type of formal payment that is agreed between the broker and the agent working for a specific company (In this case: Keller Williams)

Desk fees have long been the cause of many squabbles between the agent and the broker. At Keller Williams, agents are given more opportunities to make more income. Making desk fees optional is one of them

An agent is allowed to decide whether it wants to pay desk fees at Keller Williams. In other words, desk fees are not mandatory and Keller Williams is not designed in such a way that it would make a profit off of the desk fees charged.

Can the Commissions be Negotiated?

No matter what the agent decides, he or she has to pay 6% of what they earned to the main company. With that in mind, there is always room for negotiations as the agents are allowed to charge as much price as they want.

This is particularly splendid news for the agent as he or she gets to decide whether to take that market offer or not. Depending on your negotiating skills, you’ll be able to land a prominent deal.

Why Should You Join Keller Williams?

Working at Keller Williams will not only help you to make more profits but will allow you to have more control over your business. You will no longer need to be dependent on the broker to get work done as you’ll be free to navigate the market yourself.  

You’re also free to negotiate commissions hence you’ll be better off working for Keller Williams than anywhere else. Being able to negotiate desk fees and having a good relationship with the broker is not something you can take for granted. 

It isn’t easy to break through the real estate industry but Keller Williams has done a fine job and continues to knock down all of its contenders. No wonder it is a haven for new agents. Working at Keller Williams is truly a dream job.

A Friendly and Motivating Work Environment 

Less of a company and more of a family, Keller Williams is an organization with individuals sharing similar ideologies. New agents are welcomed with open arms and given intensive care so that they can keep up with the rest of the agents.

There will be many coaching programs with trained professionals to guide you whenever you have any questions and concerns about the work that you’re doing. 

We all know that success begins at the individual level. Keller Williams takes this belief and nurtures it. We move forward with not only independence but also interdependence. And that is what makes a community strong.

Taking Care of The Agents and As Well As Their Communities

Keller Williams also believes in giving back to the community. The Vice-Chairperson Mo Anderson launched a charity organization named KW cares to support the agents and their communities during times of hardships and natural disasters.

During Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the organization was able to send around 3,000 associates to help those who had been affected by the deadly storm


At Keller Williams, not only do they treat you fairly, but they also make you part of their family. All employees at Keller Williams are taken care of and provided healthcare insurance. And not only that, that insurance also extends to their family members as well. 

If you’re looking for individual plans, then H&H Employee Benefits Specialists has got you covered. You can go ahead and register at any time you like and get health insurance for you and your family.

And Small Business United (SBU) offers group plans for all Keller Williams associates. But you won’t have access to it at any time like the H&H, as the members will only be permitted to enjoy the benefits after 60 days of their starting date.


  • Is it fun being a real estate agent?

Answer: They say to go get a job that gives you pleasure. Instead of running after money, you should be running after your happiness. But what if money is the one thing that gives you happiness? Alright, jokes aside, when you’re working at Keller Williams, along with making a tonne of money (hopefully), you’ll also be able to enjoy your work.

From negotiating to finding leads, real estate business can be a real treat. There’ve been many agents who’ve expressed joy in writing contracts and showing people properly. And knowing how greatly Keller Williams treats their agents, you’ll surely have fun days at work.

  • Will Keller Williams pay for my license?

Answer: To put it bluntly, the answer to this question is a straight no. Keller Williams might have the best facilities for new employees but it comes with a hefty cost. The trainees are supposed to pay for the license as well as the exams. So you’ll end up paying a generous amount of money in the first year of your training and you might hope to never get back that amount even after working for long hours. 

This is a significant con for first-time agents as they’ll be paying a huge sum of money before they are even part of the company.

Overall Conclusion

With Keller Williams’ profound commission structure, agents are able to make the most out of their salary. With their lack of pay-cuts and equal treatment for all agents, it has attracted the attention of many agents working in real estate.

Thus, it’s no wonder that Keller Williams Commission Structure continues to rule over all the major real estate agencies. It offers the best deals not only for its clients but also for its agents and has rightfully secured its position at the top. 

Congratulations on getting to the end of the article. Hope this gave you some insight into the benefits of the Keller Williams Commission structure. If you would like more information – please feel free to apply today.